Zocdoc founder returns with Shadow, an app that finds lost dogs

Every year, around 10 million pets go missing in the U.S., and millions of those end up in shelters where they aren’t always reunited with their owners, due to their lack of identification or a microchip. A new mobile app, Shadow, aims to tackle this problem by leveraging a combination of a volunteer network and A.I. technology to help dog owners, in particular.

The startup is working in partnership with animal shelters and rescue organizations around the U.S. to pull in photos of the dogs they’re currently housing, then supplements this with photos pulled from social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

It then uses A.I. technology to match the photograph of the missing dogs to possible matches from nearby shelters or the web.

Image Credits: Shadow

If there’s not a match found, Shadow will then programmatically set a search radius based on where and when the dog went missing, and suggest other actions that the dog’s owner can take as the next steps.

This includes viewing all the photographs from the shelters directly, in the case that the technology matching process missed a possible match, as well as working with other Shadow users to help crowdsource activities like hanging “Lost Dog” flyers around a neighborhood, for example, among other things.

The app also relies on a network of volunteers who help by also reviewing shelter photographs and broadcasting missing posters to social media sites they use to increase the chances of the dog being found. Dog owners can even advertise a reward in the app to encourage people to help search.

Today, Shadow has grown its volunteer user base to over 30,000. And it’s partnered with the ASPCA, Animal Care Centers of New York and L.A., the Dallas shelter system, and others.

Image Credits: Shadow

While Shadow is free to use, it makes money through a virtual tipping mechanism when it makes a successful match and the dog is found. It also offers users the ability to buy an Instagram ad in-app for $ 10. Here, Shadow provides the visual assets and manages the ad-buying process and placement process on owners’ behalf.

The startup, founded by former Zocdoc founder Cyrus Massoumi, has been in a sort of public stealth mode for a few years as it grew beyond its hometown of New York. It’s now offering dog-finding services in 76 counties across 20 U.S. states.

We should note that Massoumi’s exit from Zocdoc was complicated. He sued his co-founders and CFO for orchestrating a plot to oust him from the company during a Nov. 2015 board meeting, claiming fraud. The lawsuit detailed the internal strife inside Zocdoc at the time. A New York Supreme Court judge recently determined this lawsuit, which is ongoing, needs to be filed in Delaware, instead of New York. So a ruling is yet to be determined.

Ahead of this, Zocdoc had been accused by Business Insider of having developed a stressful,  “bro culture,” in which young, male employees would make inappropriate remarks about the women who worked there. This was ahead of the larger rise of the Me Too movement, which has since impacted how businesses address these issues in the workplace.

Massoumi disputes the claims were exactly as described by the article. The company had 300 salespeople at the time, and while he agrees some people may have acted inappropriately, he also believes company’s response to those actions was handled properly.

“The allegations were fully investigated at Zocdoc and found to be without merit,” he told TechCrunch, adding that Zocdoc was repeatedly recognized as a “best place to work” while he was CEO. (There were never allegations against Massoumi, but ultimately, the buck stops with the CEO.)

Shadow today claims a different makeup. It has a team twelve people, and two-thirds of its product and engineering team are women. Some Zocdoc investors have also returned to back Massoumi again.

The startup is funded by Founders Fund, Humbition (Massoumi and Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin’s fund), Lux Capital, firstminute Capital, and other angels, including a prior Zocdoc

Despite the complicated Zocdoc history, the work Shadow is doing is solving a problem many people do care about. Millions of pet owners lose their pets to euthanization as they end up at shelters that cannot keep animals indefinitely due to lack of space. Meanwhile, the current system of having lost pet messages distributed across social media can mean many of those posts aren’t seen — especially in larger metros where there are numerous “lost pet” groups.

Image Credits: Shadow



As Shadow began its work in 2018, it was local to the New York area. Its first year, it reunited 600 dogs. The next year, it reunited 2,000 dogs. The third year, it reunited 5,000 dogs. Today, it’s nearing 10,000 dogs reunited with owners.

More than half of those were since the pandemic began, which saw many new pet owners and increased time spent outdoors with those pets, when dogs can sometimes get loose.

Massoumi says he was inspired to found Shadow after a friend lost his own dog, the namesake Shadow. It took the friend over a month to find the dog after both following false leads and being connected with people who tried to help him.

“I’m thinking to myself, this is something that happens 100 million times a year, globally…and for people who love pets, this is a lost family member,” Massoumi explains. “It seemed to me to be a similar problem that I’d already been solving in healthcare, where there’s fragmentation — people want to see the doctor and the doctor wants to see the patient, but there’s just not a central way to make it work,” he says.

More broadly, he wants to see technology being put to good use to solve problems that people actually care about.

“I think there needs to be more technology that injects the humanity back in what everyone does. I think that it’s very core that’s what we’re doing,” he says.

Shadow’s app is a free download on iOS and Android.

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Business model and features of the doctor appointment booking script (Zocdoc clone)

In today’s digitalized world, people use the doctor appointment booking script to book appointments online.

Zocdoc clone provides a platform where the users can get timely and trustworthy access to experienced doctors and can also book appointments instantly. It allows doctors, hospitals, and patients to connect with each other. So, the need for a user-friendly mobile medical application is increasing rapidly in the healthcare sector.

Do you want your healthcare business to achieve tremendous growth within a short span of time? Then, you can make use of an interactive and reliable doctor appointment app.

Let us now see the business model and astonishing features of the doctor appointment booking script.

The workflow of the doctor appointment booking script

This two-sided network connects patients and doctors online. It reduces the waiting time of patients through online consultation from their preferred doctors. Patients can book appointments online and go for regular check-ups with custom reminders.

Business model and astonishing features of the doctor appointment booking script

The patients can choose their preferred doctors depending on their health problems and can book appointments accordingly. Doctors are made visible to the patients depending on their availability. So, it is easy to schedule an appointment with quick updates.

Some of the key benefits of the doctor appointment booking script (Zocdoc Clone) are as follows:

With the help of this scalable app, users can book appointments within a fraction of second. So, there is no need to stand in long queues to book an appointment with the preferred doctors.

The process is simple and hassle-free. It allows doctors to handle the bookings effectively once they get their appointment list. Patients can book appointments conveniently during their leisure hours. They can also request for free health care tips from doctors without any special charges. 

Core features of the doctor appointment booking script

Let us now see some of the striking features of the doctor appointment booking app.

For Patients

Let us now see some of the important features available for patients in the doctor appointment booking app.

Easy Registration and login in Zocdoc clone

The users can register themselves on the doctor appointment app by using their email id or social media accounts. The app allows registered users to log in easily within a fraction of second.

Personal profile creation in Zocdoc clone

Users can also create personal profiles for a customized app experience. They can enter details such as name, age, email address, mobile number and so on. Users can also provide information related to their health such as weight, height, blood pressure, etc. These details would greatly help in creating a personal health chart of patients.

Advanced search option

When looking for a responsible solution to a health problem, users can use this advanced search feature. They can look for experienced doctors, professional medical practitioners, and clinics online. They can then filter the results by experience, location, specialty, ratings, etc.

Booking/canceling an appointment online in Zocdoc clone

The users can proceed with booking appointments once they are done with the selection of doctors. When he/she is booking an appointment, it is essential to fill a form with personal details. It can include name, age, health problem for which he/she is consulting the doctor, symptoms, etc. Patients can also cancel the appointments when needed.

Telemedicine or live video conference facility in Zocdoc clone

By offering the facility of video calling or live chatting with the doctors, the patients can consult their doctors online. Through messaging service, patients can also communicate with the doctors to get regular updates on reports, to clarify doubts, etc.

Email alerts and reminders

Custom email alerts are used to notify the users regarding their appointment details, timings, products, and offerings. The appointment date will also be stored in the phone calendar.

Online payment

Once the users get their required medical services, they can make their payments through the safe and comfortable payment gateway of the application. They can make their payments online through credit, debit and net banking facilities. And, can also pay through apps like Google Wallet and Apple pay with no further delay.

Features for user in doctor appointment script

[Above image shows features that can be customised for patients in Airfinch AirBNB Clone Script]

For Doctors

Let us now see the features available for doctors in the doctor appointment booking app.

Profile creation

Doctors can register and log in with simple steps. They can create their profiles with their names and areas of specialization. Information regarding the location of the clinic and available appointment hours can also be included in their profiles. It is essential to include the ratings and reviews given to them as patients normally prefer to consult specialists or doctors depending on their ratings and reviews.

Appointment status check

Doctors can view the date and time of all booked, canceled, and completed appointments. This feature helps doctors to schedule their upcoming appointments without any confusion.

Accept/Reject appointments and edit schedule option

Doctors can accept or reject any particular meeting after viewing their complete list of appointments. Based on their schedule, doctors can assign a date and time to a particular patient. After scheduling an appointment they can update it on the website. Based on their availability, doctors can also make required changes in their daily schedules.

Online prescription based on patient details

Doctors can view the details of the registered patients such as name, medical history, health problems, previous treatments, etc. So, they can prescribe medicines online to the patients.

Features for doctor in doctor appointment script (Zocdoc clone)

[Above image shows features that can be customised for Doctors in Airfinch AirBNB Clone Script]

Features on the Admin panel

Let us now see the features available for Admin in the doctor appointment booking app.

Elegant dashboard

Admin can catch a glimpse of the web site’s performance, track user behavior, and control the platform effectively through an interactive and impressive dashboard.

Adding doctors to the website

Admin can add experienced doctors and unlimited pharmacies to his/her website. He/she can also showcase the achievements of the doctors on the website along with their personal information.

Management of doctor/patient details

Admin can manage the complete history of the patients to provide best-in-class service to them. He/she can manage the complete details of all doctors and categorize them based on their area of expertise. So, patients can just select their category of problem and then book appointments with their preferred doctors.

Appointments and reports management

Admin can view the entire list of scheduled appointments for a specific doctor or a clinic. Admin can also manage the process of informing the doctors again regarding the appointments. Also, the admin can update the information change between the patient and the doctor. He can also manage the reports related to the number of doctors registered and the number of users enrolled.

Management of online payments and pricing details

Admin can manage the payments that are made by patients/users using in-app payment options. Admin can also manage the pricing for online doctor consultations and other service requests.

Promo and Business coupons

Mind-blowing offers and promo coupons will definitely attract your patients and thereby forming a large customer base. Business coupons allow you to tie up with other organizations to reinforce your business.

Content Management System (CMS) for Articles and News

The admin can manage all the publishing information of the doctors associated with the appointment booking app. They can also publicize the details as well.

Admin dashboard in zocdoc clone

[Above image shows admin features available in Airfinch AirBNB Clone Script]

Revenue generation through Zocdoc clone

As Zocdoc clone is a patient-centric model, it is completely free for booking an appointment through this online patient-doctor connecting portal.

So, the subscription fee is the main source of revenue, which is paid by doctors for the doctor appointment app services such as connecting them with patients who are in search of services, enhancing the efficiency of their practices, and allowing for their appointment cancellations. Sponsored results service is another important source of revenue for the Zocdoc clone. It allows doctors to stand out from their competitors and get identified by patients who are in search of services. Under this service, the advertisements are displayed only to the patients who are in search of those parameters that perfectly match with the attributes of a doctor’s profile.

For this display of advertisements, the doctors are charged based on several factors. Those factors include the patient ratings and reviews, bid rate for market and specialty, practice size and many more.

Why there is a need to develop a doctor appointment app for your healthcare business?

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a part of our life rather than just serving as a significant tool to simplify our daily activities.

From a startup clinic to multi-specialty hospitals, doctors and medical professionals are using smartphones to simplify their tasks. So, there is no doubt that an effectively developed medical app will assist patients anytime and anywhere.

So, there is a steady increase in the demand for user-friendly mobile medical apps in the healthcare sector. Doctor appointment software is definitely a cutting-edge introduction in the healthcare field. According to a survey, in 2017, there were around 325,000 mobile health apps in App stores. Around 52 percent of people prefer these medical apps to get health-related information, prescription information and many more.

So, in the next five years, the mobile application for health care will play a significant role within the medical practice.

So, healthcare providers are now focusing on medical mobile app development to offer patients a more convenient and effective way for booking doctor appointments and getting online consultations.

The new technologies that are available in the market are not just limited to digital communications and computing processes. The development of a doctor appointment booking app involves a qualitative transformation in search tools, social network technologies, etc. Some design elements like articles by doctors, doctor ratings, and consultation services are essential for developing a doctor appointment app.

Key points to stand out from your competitors

Let us now see some of the key points for developing an effective doctor appointment booking app

  • Choose a unique design to make it look alluring and responsive in all possible ways.
  • Make sure to include additional features for payment and appointment. Because this will attract more customers by serving as an attention-grabbing doctor appointment booking app.
  •  Last but not least make it easy for your customers to book appointments conveniently and swiftly.

Key features in doctor appointment script (zocdoc clone)

[Screen preview of advanced features available in Airfinch doctor appointment booking script]

Developing a successful and impressive doctor appointment booking script solution (Cost and time frame for a ZocDoc Clone)

For the successful development of a doctor appointment booking app, you must clearly define your requirements and target customers.

Approximately, the development of a doctor appointment booking script would take around 40-50 days. The timeframe for developing a booking app depends on the number of features to be included in the app. You can include features such as online doctor appointments, medical records storage, medicine delivery, medicine reminders, in-app reminders, and map for finding doctors in your location, articles by doctors and so on. The approximate cost for building such an app starts from $ 800.

periscope clone

Note :

With in-depth market research and analysis, we have presented here the list of all beneficial inclusions that help your business to maintain a competitive edge. These above-mentioned features and functionalities may not be readily available in our versatile script. But, our scalable solution can be customized swiftly and effortlessly to include these additional features and thereby making your business stand out from the crowd. To know more about the cost and time frame for these inclusions in our script, you can contact our customer help desk.

Go for a scalable doctor appointment booking script (ZocDoc Clone) now

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