Created the wrong culture…how do I change it now?

I'm afraid the company culture we have simply isn't right. People in my startup are working office hours rather than startup hours and I don't believe we can succeed like this.

Moreover, we just brought onboard a Head of Product who is shocked by the slow speed that the team works at.

How do I change it? Do I push to change people or do I change people?

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Analysis paralysis – WTF is wrong with me

All I have to do is take action and set up a landing page and start gaining traction but instead, I think of every possible scenario only to end up doing nothing and end up jumping on youtube watching lion, cat, and golf swing videos. This is a complete joke now!

Months have gone by and all I have done is tinker with a darn landing page which is still nowhere ready to be launched.

Anyone ever had this issue?

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Manufacturer bulk orders wrong materials before approval?

After a long time with print-on-demand, I am finally graduating to a cut-and-sew manufacturer. I was disappointed with the images of the samples their representative sent me, seeing the fabric doesn't seem to match my reference photos or descriptions at all. I am extremely skeptical when he said they have already bulk ordered the fabric. As I am new to this, I'm not too familiar with the typical protocol. Is this normal? Was it up to me to specify NOT to bulk order until I approved samples? I understand certain things like hardware require bulk order and cannot necessarily be included in the sample–that's fine–but I at least expected to choose from example images as materials are sourced from various suppliers. Perhaps this is normal for fabrics?

I regret that I didn't specifically request to see or recieve a swatch of fabric before the samples were made, but I didn't think they were bulk ordering materials before approval. I'm now insisting on seeing what drawstring cords/hardware/ribbing they're sourcing before bulk ordering, worrying they aren't to my specifications either and hoping they haven't done so already. If it turns out it was up to me and this is normal, I'm alright with accepting the fabric issue as an expensive lesson. The longer I write, the more I wonder if I'm being naïve. Thank you for your input!

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Is there anything wrong with being a solo-founder?

I'm at the stage where I'm looking for seed funding and the whole "solo founder = red flag" stigma kind of bums me out. Is this always the case? Is there any truth to teams being more successful? Are VCs skittish about it? The research I find online actually seems to imply that solo founders are just as successful as teams (if not more so).

I've realized that being a technical founder puts me in kind of a weird spot because I want to be the CEO of the company, but I can also wear the CTO hat since I am a software engineer. I do some of the technical work myself, and contract and oversee whatever I can't do. The potential co-founders I've been vetting naturally expect me to focus on just the tech side. And I think having another technical founder is probably overkill and it would be cheaper in the long run to outsource that work than dilute equity. Can't I just hire people to fill whatever role I need (ideally growth & marketing)?

I'm probably overthinking this so don't read too much into what I'm saying, but I would love to get a dialogue going around this topic. Any thoughts or experiences from solo-founders? For teams of founders, how valuable were the skillsets of your co-founders during the very early stages?

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I am creating a platform to share the startups stories. What went wrong and about the learning from them

Hi guys, There are lot of us who try our best in startup but sometimes it just doesn't work. I myself had 2 failed startups.

I am creating a platform "ErrorBook" where we will show startups stories and what founders learnt from them. This is definitely help other founders when they are starting something.

I am inviting all of you guys, to share stories about startup failures and learnings from them. Please if you want to have your story published Go to

Our URL will be ""


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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!