Amid Record-Breaking Year, Warning Signs For Atlantic Canada Startup Community – Huddle Today

Amid Record-Breaking Year, Warning Signs For Atlantic Canada Startup Community  Huddle Today
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F’ed By Intuit – A Warning to Start-ups

Unfortunately, my business was the victim of credit card fraud and chargebacks. The "customer" had all verification information matching secondary verification. The card was used to process ~$ 7500 – a typical transaction for us which would cause no suspicion.

A chargeback was filled by the cardholder and Intuit was notified. As a client that has processed over 1.5 Million in card transactions in my first year with Intuit and never received a single chargeback.

The Issue I am faced with is that Intuit never provided notification to me of the chargeback. The chargeback was discovered by myself checking my weekly transactions and making sure they batched out correctly. I was left in a situation where the customer had already received the inventory (three days after the chargeback was filled and Intuit notified), and I was left with barely three hours to submit my evidence before the stated cutoff date to supply information and fight the chargeback.

Had Intuit notified me appropriately on the date – or any notification – I would have been able to stop delivery of goods and reclaim my property. They have claimed to have sent notification – but without a doubt – no email or notification was ever received.

As the issue unfolded – the original "customer" placed another order and with the cooperation of our local detective, we were able to lure the "customer" back into the store to "pick-up" his second purchase of $ 20,000. They were apprehended and arrested. Intuit refused to assist in filing fraudulent card usage which would help the detectives file a second set of charges against these criminals.

The lack of support, lack of communication, and refusal to cooperate in protecting its clients and cardholders are the reason I will no longer be supporting Intuit's Merchant Services.

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Decrypted: Post-coronavirus, Auth0’s close call, North Korea warning, Awake’s Series C

Welcome to a look back at the past week in security and what it means for you. Each week we’ll look at the big news of the week and why it matters.

What will the world look like after the coronavirus pandemic subsides?

Some of us are now in our fifth week of sheltering in place, but there’s no fixed end-date in sight. We’ve gone from a period of confusion and concern to testing and mitigation. Now we’re starting to look ahead at the world post-coronavirus. Things still have to get done. But how do we regain a semblance of normality in the middle of a pandemic?

Tech can be the answer but it’s not a panacea; Apple and Google have explained more about their contact tracing efforts to help better understand the spread of the virus seems promising. But privacy concerns and worries that the system could be abused have raised justified concerns. On the other hand, with a U.S. presidential election slated for later this year, many experts want tech out of the picture in favor of a secure solution that uses paper ballots.

Will tech save the day, or will it kick us while we’re down? Let’s dive in.


Voting by mail should be having its moment. Will it?

This year’s U.S. presidential election will still go ahead — it’s in the constitution as an immutable fact — but a pandemic throws a wrench in the works.

But security experts say electronic voting isn’t secure or resilient enough to protect from foreign interference. Even the more established mobile voting offerings have been shown to be deeply flawed.

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