DC Startup Week 2020 is going virtual this September. Here’s what to expect – Technical.ly DC

DC Startup Week 2020 is going virtual this September. Here’s what to expect  Technical.ly DC
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VC deals jumped this spring in Georgia. But there’s also bad news. – Atlanta Business Chronicle

VC deals jumped this spring in Georgia. But there’s also bad news.  Atlanta Business Chronicle
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This Dutch startup just raised €10M to become one of the top three online learning platforms in Europe

The Dutch online learning platform Studytube has recently received an investment of €10 million from Verdane, the Norwegian investment company that helps successful tech companies to grow further. This will give Verdane a substantial minority interest in Studytube. “With this investment and with our partnership with Verdane, we can realise our ambition to become a European top player in the Learning & Development market,” said Homam Karimi, CEO of Studytube.

How does it work?

Studytube provides companies and governments with an all-in-one learning platform. The technology enables organisations to create and distribute bespoke training content, and the accompanying proprietary online academy offers employees guided and inspirational access to a vast catalogue of third party training and educational programs (both offline and online). Build-in management tools smartly monitor employee development: what are relevant training courses for which employees; are they attending them, and have they obtained compulsory training certificates yet? The Studytube platform shares these insights instantly.

Studytube is not merely a smart SaaS platform, but functions as a training intermediary as well. As such it offers an inspiring search environment for (online) training, skill development and other educational offerings. Studytube has automated the entire procurement process with over 1.000 educational companies. This helps organisations to significantly reduce time spent on searching, booking, coordinating, invoicing and evaluating training and education. Organizations can save money as well, because Studytube realises purchasing discounts with all affiliated training providers, like LOI, NIMA, De Baak of VCA Nederland.

About €10 million in training was booked via the Studytube platform in 2020 alone, with customers receiving cumulatively more than 1 million euros in purchasing discounts. Studytube realised a turnover growth of 755 percent in the past 4 years. Over the past 3 years, the learning platform has consistently been in the top 20 of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 – the ranking of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands. Currently, more than 200 organisations with a total of about 500,000 employees use Studytube. Customers include VolkerWessels, Manpower, ASR, Adecco, Port of Rotterdam, the Province of Gelderland and numerous municipalities, including the municipality of Groningen.

Expand and optimise further

Homam Karimi, Studytube CEO: “We would like to continue our exponential growth and we believe that the best product is the key. That is why we continue to invest in our people, further product development and we want to further expand and optimise the learning offer that we make available through Studytube for our customers. It is logical that we now bring Verdane on board as an investor, who invests in more than 40 tech companies, including a number of Human Capital Management software companies. We can learn a lot from that. In addition, we bring a wealthy partner on board with Verdane, which gives us access to subsequent investments for acquisitions, for example. Verdane is the ideal partner for us to realise our international ambition to become a top-3 player in the European market in the field of Learning & Development. ”

Iikka Moilanen, responsible for the investment in Studytube at Verdane: “Studytube has so far shown excellent growth figures in the Netherlands with innovative technology and a strong proposition. Since innovation is in Studytube’s DNA and the product is relatively easily scalable, we believe that we can continue these growth figures at the European level. More than ever, companies now need to keep up to date and the best way to do this is to invest in employee development. Studytube makes this much more efficient, easier and cheaper. ”

Main image credits: Studytube

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What Can A Startup Do in 5 days? Watch this

With a terrific crew of instructors, TA’s, and mentors, we successfully concluded Session 1 of our Hacking 4 Recovery summer series – with 20 teams sharing their final presentations last night. Slides for these presentations are in this folder, and we will be editing and sharing videos of each presentation shortly.


  • Alivia – Telemedicine service bringing healthcare to middle income people in Peru
  • AllAboard – Remote onboarding services to help organizations establish a sense of belonging
  • AntiCovidAI – Mobile app for testing COVID-19
  • BBOM Preschool – Teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) to preschoolers
  • Collegiate Cost Busters – Delivering innovation to make college education more affordable to all
  • COVered – Crowdsourcing app to monitor risk for visiting public spaces
  • CoworkingSpace – Redefining coworking spaces in the post-pandemic world
  • Cratiso – Sourcing diverse patients for clinical trials
  • Florence Health – Telemedicine app to prevent hospitalization of congestive heart failure patients
  • HomeDoc – Central hub for connecting telemedicine platforms for nursing homes
  • Mango Lango – Mobile app that allows small businesses to reopen safely
  • MatchBook – Hiring platform structured similarly to dating apps
  • MemLove – Helping people grieve for lost loved ones
  • MUSTA – Telemedicine platform for patients in the Philippines
  • Remote Daily – Simplified employee feedback for small businesses
  • Resilience Gym – Online education and virtual reality to enhance mental health
  • Safe.ly – Mobile app for making reservations to visit your local stores safely
  • Sani-Team – Consulting service to help local restaurants reopen safely
  • Screen360.tv – Cross-cultural education platform using international films
  • Voyage – Global travel advisory platform for pandemic information


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This startup’s ‘digital punching bag’ stands a fighting chance as the home fitness business soars – The Boston Globe

This startup’s ‘digital punching bag’ stands a fighting chance as the home fitness business soars  The Boston Globe
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As SaaS solutions have immense demand during pandemic, this German startup secures big €57.2M funding

German startup Pricefx claims to be a global leader in cloud-native pricing software. Today, this startup has announced that it has secured $ 65 million (nearly €57.2 million) Series C funding led by Apax Digital, the growth equity team of Apax Partners along with participation from Digital+ Partners, its existing investor. With this investment, the funding raised by Pricefx is now $ 130 million (nearly €114.4 million).

Intends to solidify leadership in the market

The new funding will be used by Munich-based company Pricefx to expand and solidify its global market leadership position as the only true SaaS platform available in the pricing industry. Also, the German SaaS startup will use the investment to accelerate product innovation, evaluate strategic acquisitions and extend its partner ecosystem.

“Pricing is being recognised as a critical competency for global enterprises and Pricefx is leading the way for a SaaS-based approach,” said Marcin Cichon, CEO and co-founder of Pricefx. “This investment from Apax confirms Pricefx’s resilience, ability to grow its customer base, and innovate – even during challenging times. This investment will further power our global commercial strategy and aggressive product innovation, by attracting critical talent, expanding our growing ecosystem of partners, and enabling further potential strategic acquisitions – all in pursuit of our mission to bring pricing solutions to as many companies as we can, as simply and effectively as possible.”

“Pricing is one of the most important value creation levers for businesses, and we share Pricefx’s passion for making pricing software easier, faster and more accessible,” said Mark Beith, Partner of Apax Digital. “Companies are abandoning inefficient manual processes, disparate spreadsheets, and sub-optimal prices, and embracing Pricefx’s next-gen software, which dynamically manages, optimizes and updates prices across all channels.”

“We are thrilled to join Marcin and the whole Pricefx family on their mission to democratize pricing software and deliver best-in-class time to value and exceptional return on investment to their customers,” said Daniel O’Keefe, Managing Partner of Apax Digital.

Apart from the investment, Beith and O’Keefe of Apax Partners join Pricefx’s supervisory board.

“We are excited and proud to continue supporting the Pricefx team on their global growth journey. Pricefx demonstrates a relentless drive towards product innovation and customer success and we believe that they are well on-track to build the undisputed global category leader in pricing software,” said Axel Krieger, Founding Partner at Digital+ Partners.

Offers suite of cloud-based pricing software tools

With clients like Bosch, Iron Mountain, Media-Markt and Michelin — Pricefx offers a suite of cloud-based pricing software tools such as Price Optimisation, Management (PO&M) to Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for both B2B and B2C enterprises of all sizes. Founded in 2011 by Christian Tratz, Marcin Cichon, and Martin Wricke, Pricefx launched the first “6 weeks to live” activation accelerator with Lightning, delivering industry-leading time-to-value. During the COVID-19 crisis, SaaS solutions faced increased demand as companies had to rapidly and radically resolve digital transformation initiatives such as access to its Sales Insights solution free of charge. Especially, pricing software witnessed a drastic surge in interest due to the strong return in investment even during tough times.

Eventually, the pricing software Pricefx signed over a dozen new customer deals since March 2020. And, it also acquired French market leader Brennus Analytics that offers industry-leading AI capabilities in pricing optimisation.

Finalist in Ventana’s 3rd Annual Digital Innovation Awards

Recently, Pricefx was named a finalist in Ventana’s 3rd Annual Digital Innovation Awards. These awards identify the top technologies that have the most striking impact in their respective markets. It recognises pioneering vendors that bring about advancements in technology, drive change and increase value for organisations all over the world. Pricefx has a handful of disruptive innovations lined up for this year such as a self-service version of its analytics software, industry-specific Accelerator packages, enhanced CPQ functionality, and an AI-enhanced upgraded version of its PriceOptimiser product.

Main image picture credits: Pricefx

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[Beyond Meat in MSN] This New “Vegan Costco” Grocery Store is Coming to the U.S.

The plant-based meat alternatives that have taken off the past few years are becoming widely available at restaurants and grocery stores alike. Starbucks just released the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich and Burger King has found success with their Impossible Whopper.

Read more here.

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This AI startup from London helps real estate lawyers reduce time spent on legal risk assessments, snaps €3.65M

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class valued at over $ 238 trillion. Yet recording and transacting real estate has been the same process for 150 years. The due diligence process is a significant bottleneck in real estate transactions, with 40 per cent of buyers and sellers experiencing delays due to the process and costing up to one per cent of overall transaction fees. The challenge of due diligence is compounded in the commercial real estate arena by complex, high value assets and portfolio deals. In the UK alone, due diligence for property transactions costs £4bn annually. 

Launched in 2018, Orbital Witness aims to modernise and accelerate the legal due diligence process with a platform to access and organise property information from HM Land Registry and local authorities, facilitate quick document review and flag risks automatically to lawyers and underwriters. 

The news is just in that the UK-based startup Orbital Witness has closed a £3.3 million (€3.65 million) seed funding round led by UK’s one of most profilic investors LocalGlobe and Outward VC with participation from previous investors, including Seedcamp and JLL Spark. This investment round brings Orbital Witness’s total funding to £4.5 million (almost €5 million).

Automate legal risk assessments

Four of the five Magic Circle law firms, in-house legal teams from M&S and TfL, title insurance companies and more use Orbital Witness as a legal risk assessment platform for commercial property transactions, reducing time and costs, while bringing efficiencies and new insights to the process.

Will Pearce, Co-founder and COO at Orbital Witness, explained: “We’ve built a system for clients to access documents from numerous important sources and provide an easy way to provide risk assessment and insights quickly. Now, we’re using that expertise and technology to reimagine property and land risk for today, to make transacting real estate less time-consuming, arduous and inefficient.”

With its new investment, Orbital Witness is creating a universal risk rating for property and land similar to a credit check to provide a high-level view of property risk to all parties. Using machine learning technology and reinforcement learning techniques, Orbital Witness has developed a sophisticated understanding of real estate and property risk that it is now applying across commercial real estate properties in the UK.

Edmond Boulle, Co-founder and CEO at Orbital Witness, added: “Orbital Witness imagines a world where real estate and property issues are no longer hidden behind mounds of deeds and documents. Our goal is to simplify the complexities of the current process and bring greater transparency to the world’s largest asset class. With this new funding, we’re able to accelerate towards our vision of a universal risk rating, similar to a credit check, that provides an early warning system for property professionals.”

Hiring in 2020

Based in London, Orbital Witness was founded by Edmond Boulle and Will Pearce in 2017, who met while working as legal and business strategy advisors at a startup incubator. Today, Orbital Witness employs fifteen people based in London. Orbital Witness is now recruiting and hiring ambitious people for its team for its next stage of growth. The company aims to double the team in the next year across product, technology, data science, customer success and marketing to continue its growth and establish new product categories.

Remus Brett, Partner at LocalGlobe, commented: “The impact Orbital Witness has had on the property industry in just two years is hugely impressive. Their approach has the potential to transform the way real estate has been valued and transacted for over 150 years.”

Devin Kohli, Co-head at Outward VC, commented: “The Orbital Witness team brings fresh thinking and new ambition to the property risk sector that impressed us from the start. Especially now, as many distressed companies face refinancing and restructuring issues, Orbital Witness has proven how it can flag important legal property risks quickly across complex real estate portfolios and assets.”

Heavyweight investors

Talking about investors, LocalGlobe is a London-based venture capital firm focused on seed investments, primarily in the UK. Backing ambitious founders since 1999 including Transferwise, Zoopla, Improbable, Citymapper, Algolia and Robinhood.

On the other hand, Outward VC invests in early stage fintech companies that focus on large global market opportunities. Backed by Investec Bank, NIBC and other international investors, Outward VC’s investments include fast growing UK companies such as Bud, Curve, Monese and PrimaryBid. 

Main image credit: Orbital Witness

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How this Pune-based handcrafted saree startup grew from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 12 Cr in 3 years – YourStory

How this Pune-based handcrafted saree startup grew from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 12 Cr in 3 years  YourStory
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