Virgin’s unethical business practices against small start ups and non-profit foundations – News Anyway

Virgin’s unethical business practices against small start ups and non-profit foundations  News Anyway
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6 Ways to Boost Your Exposure Online and Start Building a Web Presence Fast

Every entrepreneur knows that business lives and breathes on exposure. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows it exists, you’re going to have a heck of a time selling it successfully. While this is true for brick-and-mortar businesses, it’s especially true for online businesses. It’s crucial that online businesses build up a web presence and do everything they can to get exposure. When you do, the internet is your oyster.

So much of our lives are taking place online now, through video conferencing, online shopping, and live streaming events, just to name a few. With so many people hanging out on the web these days, it’s more important than ever that you make it easy for them to find you.

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Here are six things you can do to boost your exposure online and start building a web presence—fast.

  1. Grab your vanity URL

Your vanity URL is a web address that uses your personal brand name, such as A vanity URL is a great way to start building name recognition for yourself. Don’t worry if your vanity URL is already taken—tweaking your name slightly will still have the same effect. You might include your middle initial or middle name, add “the” in front of your name (such as “”) or include your title or industry.

  1. If you don’t already have a website, set up a one-page site

It’s hard to build a brand and a web presence without having a place to send people to on the internet. Think of it as your online home base! Even a simple one-page site can be a great start to establishing your brand online. You can use a user-friendly and free tool like the Coming Soon Express plugin for WordPress to create a professional-looking landing page, then use it to highlight all the skills, talents and passions that set you apart.

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  1. Update your LinkedIn bio and social media profiles

Take a look at any web-facing channels you have and make sure the information you’ve included about yourself is current, accurate and reflects the key messages for the customers, clients and connections you’re hoping to reach. Next, connect with key influencers in your industry and begin engaging with their content. It’s a great way to build relationships and start conversations with industry leaders.

  1. Gain more visibility by being vocal

A great way to amplify your presence and grow a personal brand is to start sharing your expertise. You can do this by commenting on other people’s blog posts on channels such as LinkedIn or Medium, or offering your insights or solutions in industry-related Facebook groups. Write articles and publish them on your LinkedIn page. The point isn’t to sell anything (at least not right now), it’s to be a part of the conversation that’s going on in your space, and to position yourself as a thought leader and authority in your field.

  1. Guest post on other blogs

You’ve got a wealth of knowledge and expertise bouncing around your brain, so share it in thoughtful pieces of content. The best way to do this, while getting your name and business circulating with new audiences at the same time, is to guest post on other blogs. Spend some time making a list of the biggest influencers, thought leaders, and well-known websites in your industry, then check to see if they accept submissions for guest posts. Write a post that features your best nuggets of wisdom that will have the most value for that particular audience, and you could increase your exposure and web presence exponentially just by a few posts alone!

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  1. Present at a virtual summit or host your own online event

There’s no better way to build a brand presence than to speak or lead in front of others. There are a plethora of online events these days on every topic, specialty and industry you can imagine. Join in, either by pitching yourself as a speaker or host an event of your own. Not only does it offer your audience tons of great information and value, but it shines a light on your unique insights and points of view, too.

Your exposure can be even better if you identify the influencers in your industry and find a way to host an event with them or appear on the same stage. Sharing networks with other leaders is a great way to expand your own, as well as offer your audience even more value.

The best way to build a successful online business is to get as much exposure as you can. By using any or all of these six simple tips, you’ll be making big strides toward building a web presence that people will notice and remember — as well as taking advantage of an audience that’s only growing more captive as time goes by. Here’s to your success!

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Ratan Tata inspires 27-year-old assistant to start his own startup course to help aspiring entrepreneurs – YourStory

Ratan Tata inspires 27-year-old assistant to start his own startup course to help aspiring entrepreneurs  YourStory
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After hitting 1000 subscribers on Youtube — How much money will I start making?

Yo! Made a video on how much money you can start to make one you hit the 1000 subscriber mark on Youtube. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. Let me know if you all approve! I started this channel a few years ago and am trying to be a lot more consistent on putting out content.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Want to start something but so much competition!

There's so many ideas out there for new startups, but you start doing the market research around it and there so many fairly good other startups doing similar things.

How do you know if it's worth investing time and effort if other ideas are already so far ahead or funded by big VCs.

People say execution is everything but part of good execution is having confidence they you'll win which would be hard to know at the beginning.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Service offering to start ups and SMEs that also acts as corporate social responsibility?

Would you be interested in offering an internship online ?

An internship that's project based (duration is according to the project).

Also what would be priority, the experience of the intern by portifolio or the salary youd pay?

How much would you expect to pay anintern who is offered a work placement that can be done remotely?

Just curious, my peers and I are creating a platform to connect fresh graduates/new skilled workers to business (mostly start ups and SMEs). The talent would be working under our brand as per the project provided. (Think of it as freelancing, and if a project offer comes up, you will be under contract for that duration of the internship). Their portfolios would be based on the Company they do the project for. Thus building their experience and their portfolios remotely and in a flexible manner. While also offering new ideas into your business with an aspect if quality (we vett each applicant from previous projects they have done in their institutions and outside of it)

We arent done putting everything together, but would you be interested if this service was available?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Investing in a start up…do I do it or not?

Hi all! There is a contact of mine raising funds giving a valuation of £1.75m, looking to give 10% away.

Start up is in App in a growing market, with a good idea (I am happy with the product).

Currently the app has only been up and running for 2 months, and has got 4k downloads and 2k recurring monthly users.

My question is:

1 – what is the logic in going to friends and family?

2 – why not use their own funds (I know they have savings c.50k, so far invested 5k plus time)?

3 – how valuations for early stage start ups are actually derived? the 1.75m valuation is essentially based on comparable companies but not much clear info on that.

4 – Last but not least, thoughts on the founder taking salary funded from the angel round?

Thanks in advance!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!