Can you trademark a name in same class if it is already registered but they are using it for different service?

I have a great distinct name in my mind for an app idea but while running trademark search I found it has been already registered by a movie director in my country, India.

Since class 9 (under NICE classification) deals with downloadable mobile app, can I use the same name for my app and marketing or I stand no chance?

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Every time I remove free delivery to products my sales plummet. This is even if the overall price is the same. Here’s my results:

I run ebook and online course sales for 11 youtubers and bloggers. And given their niches we've found ways to sell other stuff.

For example, one of the businesses is the strength training for over men over 50. Which means it's easy to sell exercise equipment too.

So I found a manufacturer in China that makes trx style ropes, branded with his logo, on the cheap – and been playing with price points to see which gives us the most profit.

Results have been fascinating. Of which the most interesting has been free vs paid delivery.

I've played with over 20 price variations. Yet every time I added even $ 2 for shipping/postage sales plummeted.

Here's a test I ran:

  1. $ 19.95 + free delivery
  2. $ 17.95 + $ 2 delivery

It's essentially the same cost. But in one week test A made 26 sales, where test B made 11.

(This is to a 50/50 split to the same audience, over the same week).

I've since ran another test:

  1. $ 29.95 + free delivery
  2. $ 19.95 + $ 2 delivery

Test A made 15 sales, test B made 9 sales.

Read that again. More people bought the same item at a higher price because they hate the idea of paying for shipping!

It's crazy, man. But it makes sense on instinct.

You can talk your product's good points and raise it's value. But that ain't gonna happen with shipping and postage. And it seems it's so offputting that it sours the thought of buying!

Now my experience is with one business. And it may not hold in all situations. But by all means give it a go, and if you sell ebooks and online courses be sure to check out r/internetmarketing where there's tips and advice like this every day.

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[OurCrowd in CTech] “We speak the same language,” says OurCrowd’s new UAE-based Venture Partner

Speaking with CEO Jon Medved as part of Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s “Economic Opportunities in the UAE” online conference, Dr. Sabah-al Binali outlines what makes the new normalization such a success story.

Read more here.

The post [OurCrowd in CTech] “We speak the same language,” says OurCrowd’s new UAE-based Venture Partner appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

OurCrowd Blog

Fell into same trap of building first (again)! How can I talk to more customers to look for patterns?

I'm a serial entrepreneur but also a former coder and each time, I can't help but start building solutions thinking I know what's best — classic "if you build it, [they] will come" syndrome. As a result, I've had mediocre successes through a combination of luck, perseverance, learning the hard way…and most of all, not enjoying the journey.

This time I wanted to do it better/smarter but fell into the same trap for the first 4 months. I've hit the pause button to go back to the basics: talk to potential customers to do problem, solution, etc. validation (basically Steve Blank/Lean Startup).

Do you have any advice on how I can talk to more customers?

My target market is ~1.3mm tech startups worldwide annually. I'd like to learn about a "day in the life" of founders/execs to look for patterns. I know of sites like,,,…but they don't seem provide 1:1 interviews with tech startups. SurveyMonkey is another option but it's only online surveys. I'm also reaching out to my personal network on LinkedIn, etc. but that's going slower than I like.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Another firm with same name, product and concept

Hello. I have an ecommerce startup of my own in the US. One of our customers sent us a question asking us if we had operations in India. We do not.

They pointed me to the website of a startup in India with the exact same name and the exact same concept as ours – every single idea/belief we stand for is something they have also put on their “our values” section. They’ve just reworded it. This Indian website seems to have been launched recently (per their “about us” section). We have been around much longer.

My client who alerted me wanted to gift some stuff to their family in India and they actually thought that the other site was just our Indian operation. A lot of our clientele consists of folks wanting to gift to family in India. I am concerned there might be other customers who might mistake this Indian company to be ours. And it’s too much of a coincidence for them to have the exact same name, product and concept.

Considering that my startup is in the US and they are in India, do I have any legal options against this company? I will consult with our attorneys next week but wanted to see if any of you has experienced something like this.

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New company is making the same app I’ve been working on

I have been working on an app for a few months (alone as a dev). I recently signed a contract with a new company, waiting for start date. However, I just found out they have also been working on an app with exact same idea I have.

I would like to hear your advices in this situation as I'm worried about legal issues. E.g. Give up on the app and look for new ideas, breaking the contract etc. I currently have a job, losing this offer won't affect me much fyi.

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Which is more important in a co-founder? Having the skills or having the same vision?

Which is more important in a co-founder? Having the skills or having the same vision?

Not really sure how else to expand how this topic, I posted this before but it got removed because it didn't have enough characters. But just want some general input, having someone who has the same vision as you would probably last a long time in the company, whereas someone who has the skills may just want to keep their eyes on the stock options and profiting after exiting the company.

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I dissolved partnership with my co-founder. He wants to build the same solution.

So about few months ago, a guy came to me with an idea (social selling platform) and asked me to be the CTO and take care of the technical stuff. He's a non teche guy.

I did not find it much intresting because there's already big players in that domain. Instead I had something else in mind. I wanted to digitize local shops and want to build an eco system for small and medium business. I pitched the idea to him. He liked it very much and asked me to be the CEO of this business because I envisioned it.

So we finished the paper work. Since the beginning, I didn't feel like he's adding any value to the company. Because, I'm the one engineering the solution, doing ui/ux designing the product, taking care of branding, positioning the product, crafting a narrative for the market, setting the direct for the company.

I gave him few tasks but he couldn't meet my expectations. 3/10. So I'd to redo the tasks for myself. All of our meetings go for 3 to 5 hours continuously and I feel so drained by the end of the meeting because I feel like I'm interacting with a manager. Lot of talk but no substantial contribution to the solution.

So today I dissolved the partnership with him. Luckily we both haven't made any big investment into the company yet. When I told him my reasons to dissolve the partnership, instead of being understanding, he went defensive mode and started attacking me saying he doubt my leadership abilities, that I'm not business centric and don't know resource management, lacks emotional stability etc.

It's ironic. I'm the one who's doing the heavy lifting. He comes up with obvious things and presents as grandiose things which I don't find valuable.

He wants to go on and build the same solution. I don't have any problem with it. But my only concern is, I don't want him to use the solution spec and the user flows that I've drafted. Because I've designed them with great emphasis on user experience that the solution is SO SIMPLE to use.

I want to preserve that user experience and flow for myself because I made it.

Should I tell him not to use what I've made and come up with other user flow for his solution? Or should I let go of it?

This is his 3rd time trying to build a business. His first two business were into consulting which he made when he was 19. But both of them were not successful. Now he's 26. He's still new to the startup world and lacks business maturity.

I'm also 26. I've my own startup since 5 years and worked with several investors, advisors. He's got so much of exposure working with me. But he doesn't get that. The comments he made got under my skin and into my head. I tried to sort the personal comments he made but of no help. In return he questioned me, what I've done and has the nerve to say that he has contributed so much to the solution. I'm feeling like errrr.. he's poking my ego.

What should I do? Please advise.

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Restructuring multiple companies that are now under the same umbrella?

Recently the company I work for, as a director of a client facing department, was acquired along with 3 other companies all that serve complimentary services/software to the software we provide. The higher ups are now having us restructure roles so that we one day in the future (not sure how long is expected) will operate as a single entity and roles are no longer specific to the company in which you came from.

Fortunately, some of our clients had already been using two or more of our now suite of products together but that is not the case for most.

Has anyone gone through this and care to share some advice for how I can approach things on the client success/account management/support/etc side of things?

Couple notes:

  • This happened right before the pandemic and our industry was affected so layoffs have happened across the board and we're operating pretty lean right now.
  • Software integrations are being worked on and underway, also I'm not working on the tech side of things so I can't speak too much to that yet.
  • Each company's product(s) is fairly complex with a medium to very difficult learning curve.

I think the biggest problem I'm seeing is that some people believe there is a cookie cutter "template" that can be applied here based around the previous roles people had and I don't necessarily 100% agree but I also do not know an alternative solution that may be better.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Drinking enough water? This student startup won $25K with the same idea. – San Antonio Business Journal

Drinking enough water? This student startup won $ 25K with the same idea.  San Antonio Business Journal
“startups when:1d” – Google News