Vue, React or anything else ?

Hi !

I would like to learn a framework/library/whatever to develop web apps. I'm coming from Flutter and I don't know what of them could be easily and simpler to create my MVPs

Could you please give me some advice or tell me your experience?

Thank you and have a nice day !

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Which one to use Flutter, React Native, or Swift& Kotlin for cross-platform GRUBHUB like app

Hi. Me and my 2 other college mates want to build a cross-platform GRUBHUB like app with digital payment and all but with some differences. We already have explored the pros& cons of the each technology from various sources, however, we haven't been able to come up with a conclusive answer to our question. We have around 8 months to complete the project and even if we go with Flutter or React Native we are planning to switch to native in the future if our project gains enough interest.

We have experience in Java but only in college level and not mobile app related if that helps anything.

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React Native or Native (swift & kotlin)

Hi guys,

My two friends and I are trying to build a startup. We have programming experience from college, but we don't have any industry experience. We are trying to build an app that will receive display live ”content” (but not like social media stuff, think of it as a live announcement app) and accept payments. We have been learning swift and kotlin to build the app for each platform separately. But right now we have been considering going for cross-platform. We would appreciate your suggestions. What are the commons cons and pros for both native and cross platform development? Do big companies like Uber Lyft DoorDash use native or cross platform? Also keep in mind that we are planning to finish the project on both platforms in 7-8 months. We can totally spend more time than that but this is the goal.

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Flutter or React Native?

I built our iOS app with SwiftUI, and now I'm looking at making Android and web apps. I'm considering Flutter and React Native instead of Kotlin since I'll get the web app for free.

I hate JS so if I use React I'll use Typescript.

For people with experience in mobile dev frameworks, what would you recommend?

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Startup: Need to convert ios/android app from React Native to React Web

Hey everyone, new startup here its a marketplace app. We built an enterprise app for ios/android with video conference functionality. Given our niche, a phone app may not be the best solution. We want to convert it from react native to react web.

We had a very bad experience with the freelancer we used to create the app and no longer wish to use them. What would be the best way to go about this? I am new to the app startup. How difficult is it to convert react native to react web while maintaining as much of the database/backend as possible?

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How can I make the most of a $5k-6k budget to hire a developer for building a Flutter or React Native mobile app?

I currently have a $ 5-6k budget and am trying to find a way to have an existing iOS app I have redeveloped under React Native or Flutter. I am currently unsure which options might work the best. The app I have is social media related and needs Firebase, Photo Capabilities, Messaging and Push Notifications. A few ideas I had were:

1) Hiring a developer off upwork or elsewhere and working with them from scratch.

2) Working with an agency or middleman such as Toptal, (if you have thoughts about these it would be great to hear) , etc.

3) Buying a few templates off codecanyon or elsewhere and then hiring a developer with these. I am hoping this might cut down on development time or costs.

Generally, I am unsure which might be the best options. My overall goal is to have something that can work well enough for an initial round of investment seeking, and only needs minor modifications for new features or bugs that come up. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Modern Day React Native App Stack for Startups Who Want To Launch Fast.

Hello fellow founders. I've spent the last year working on a startup that shares the best deals in town. Equipped with Accounts, Images, and a Database.

The reason this all took a year was because I had just started web development, and there's no tutorial online to show you everything you need to know to make something simple (other than Firebase, but I don't like the Firebase logo enough to use it, ew).

Here's the stack I used to build my app. When I finally put everything I needed together, it took me a total of 2 months to build and launch it. If you wanted to link up with a co-founder and make something scalable, this is for you.

Here's the article.

I hope this helps someone out!

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[For Hire] I will develop your ideas into reality. Full Stack Developer | Web developer | App developer | Software Developer | Html/ Css/ Javascript/ Typescript/ Node.js/ MongoDB/ ArangoDB/ MySQL/ PostgresSQL/ GraphQL/ React/ React Native/ Redux/ Next.js/ Sass/ Swift 5/ Objective C/ C++/ Python.

Hey there, I am a professional full stack developer/ a 24 year old who brings digital dreams of people to life for an affordable price. I have about 3 yrs of experience in professional market and worked for a lot of successful entrepreneurs.

I am down to globalize your business and take it to a complete new level with my out of the box, super creative and professional website or an app for your business. I can create any kind of system/ software that adapts to your business and automates the process at the most! This investment can make your service/ product available globally and reach new heights.

From design to development to deployment I will be your right hand.

Apart from shopify, wordpress, woo-commerece

Development languages that I am confortable with :

– Html/css

– JavaScript / TypeScript

– Node.js – Express

– NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, ArangoDB)

– SQL Databases (MySQL, PostgresSQL)

– GraphQL

– React, react native

– Redux

– Next.js

– Sass

– Various CSS Frameworks and component libraries

– Swift 5 and IOS 13

– C++ and Python.

If you wish to get in touch or see my past work/ resume, please contact me through reddit or email me at [](

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I would like to have an app idea developed in Flutter or React Native. Does it make sense to buy a pre-made template online and then hire a developer to re-skin/tailor it to what I want in order to cut costs?

I understand a Flutter or React Native developer may cost a lot, but I currently only have a budget of $ 3 – 4k maximum. My app idea involves a firebase backend (which I already made on my own), a photo sharing feature, and basically can be described as similar in nature to instagram. Would it make sense to buy a template online and then hire a developer to change it up? My concern is that the template might be too far out from what I want, or the developer may take more time doing this because they need to understand the template coding first.

Is there any reason I might want to start from scratch vs. a template? Templates for RN or Flutter I did come across was on and (not sure if either are legit), which looks to be around $ 500 or so. Any other suggestions for places I can find a template would be greatly appreciated!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!