Please pass the podcast – Enjoy a feast of insights from Spencer Stiles (Stryker) Art Collins (Explorer) and Mark Leahey (MDMA) – Mass Device

Please pass the podcast – Enjoy a feast of insights from Spencer Stiles (Stryker) Art Collins (Explorer) and Mark Leahey (MDMA)  Mass Device
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Will new SEC equity crowdfunding rules encourage more founders to pass the hat?

The flow of venture capital in 2020 has been surprisingly strong given the year’s general uncertainty, but while investors have showered plenty of dough on growth-stage companies, seed-stage startups are down 32% last quarter compared to the year before.

There have been plenty of recent conversations about alternative funding routes for founders, and one of those oft-overlooked paths has been equity crowdfunding. While crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter push consumers to back unrealized projects in exchange for products or other services, equity crowdfunding allows consumers to actually invest cash and receive a piece of the company. It’s not a conventional path, but it can be a viable option for companies that have a close relationship with an engaged customer base.

The Security and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Crowdfunding guidelines were adopted under Title III of the JOBS Act back in 2016, but because many entrepreneurs were unfamiliar with how to participate, many of the startups that have taken advantage of it haven’t been the highest quality. The tide could be turning: This week, the SEC updated some of its guidance on crowdfunding, eliminating some ambiguities and increasing the amount of capital companies can raise from both accredited and nonaccredited investors. Additionally, companies can now raise $ 5 million per year using equity crowdfunding, compared to the previous limit of $ 1.07 million.

But life has gotten easier in other ways as well for founders pursuing this fundraising type and the platforms that seek to simplify it.

Wefunder is one of a handful of equity crowdfunding platforms that have popped up in the last few years. Before a company can raise on its platform, Wefunder vets them before allowing them to tap into their network of amateur investors who can invest as little as $ 100 with the median investment sitting at $ 250. Last month, 40 companies launched on Wefunder and collectively raised $ 12 million, according to Wefunder CEO Nicholas Tommarello.

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YCharts sells to PE firm in all-cash transaction as it looks to pass $15M ARR this year

This morning, YCharts, a financial data and charting service, announced that it has been purchased by LLR Partners, a private equity firm.

The companies are dubbing the transaction a “growth recapitalization,” indicating that the smaller firm won’t be stripped of its talent in hopes of driving near-term positive EBITDA. The deal was an all-cash transaction, TechCrunch confirmed.

Digging into YCharts itself, the company told TechCrunch via email that it expects to “surpass” $ 15 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) this year, and that it has been growing top line at a compound annual growth rate of 30 to 40% for “the past several years.”

Those figures imply that YCharts did not sell for cheap. At the market’s current multiples, YCharts was likely worth between 10 and 20x times its ARR, making the deal (presuming, say, $ 13.5 million ARR at the time of the sale) worth between $ 135 million and $ 270 million, unless LLR managed to secure a discount, or the firm’s economics were worse than we’d imagine from our current remove.

The companies declined to share details of the transaction, including price.

As a somewhat long-term YCharts user — the startup set up custom colors in my account so that I could share charts in TechCrunch green, which was fun — the deal is notable in that I’ve come to appreciate what the service is capable of; it’s a great tool to create charts that encompass a wealth of financial data to make a clear point, like the historical trends in Tesla’s price/sales ratio compared to other automotive players, for example.

Financial tooling that is accessible, and shareable, is rare in our Bloomberg world. So here’s to hoping that  the transactions promised investment into YCharts bears out.

Turning to the why, I asked YCharts why it didn’t merely raise external capital instead of selling itself. YCharts’ CEO Sean Brown wrote that he’s “found that capital is easy to get,” but that “LLR Partners provides [YCharts] with much more than just capital.” The investing group, Brown continued, shares his company’s vision, has “strong domain experience,” along with “a dedicated team focused on fintech, and a ton of relevant strategic and operational expertise.”

The CEO also stressed LLR’s prior investments into other fintech companies, and said that “as part of the buyout of our existing shareholders, LLR will be funding capital to YCharts’ balance sheet to support continued investment in product and sales [and] marketing.”

YCharts raised capital as an independent company across a number of rounds, including a 2010 Series A led by Hyde Park Angels and I2A Fund, and a Series B and C led by Morningstar. The company had around $ 15 million in known capital raised, according to Crunchbase data.

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Introducing the Expo Pass for TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

Don’t let budget woes keep you from participating in TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 on October 6-7. We’re dedicated to making this event accessible to as many members of the mobility community as possible. Case in point: today we’re announcing the new Expo Ticket for just $ 25.

Pro tip: Get your Expo ticket today. The price jumps to $ 50 once the conference begins on October 6.

What can you do with an Expo ticket? The short answer is plenty. You’ll have access to all the Mobility 2020 breakout sessions, which take a deeper dive into specific topics. We’ll be announcing those breakout sessions soon. Watch for our announcement, and be sure to check out the Mobility 2020 agenda.

“I learned a lot from the breakout sessions. An official from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation spoke about the city’s plan to build pathways for micro mobility vehicles. Access to experts sharing that kind of information is essential for anyone launching a micro mobility startup.” — Parug Demircioglu, CEO at Invemo and partner at Nito Bikes.

Plus, you can explore 40+ startups — both early stage and more established companies — exhibiting during the conference. Think of “Expo” as an alternative way to spell “opportunity.” Connect with the exhibiting founders, hear their product stories and watch their demos. You might find your next customer, partner, investment or employer.

We’ve got your back in the networking department with CrunchMatch. Our AI-powered platform helps you find and connect with the people who align with your business goals. Answer a few simple questions when you register and CrunchMatch will be ready to do the heavy lifting for you. Peruse the offerings and schedule 1:1 video calls with the folks who can help you take your startup dream to the next level. It’s the perfect tool to help organize and simplify your expo exploration.

“CrunchMatch, which is basically speed-dating for techies, was very helpful. I scheduled at least 10 short, precise meetings. I learned about startups in stealth mode, what big corporations were up to — things not yet picked up by the press. It was great, and I followed up on three or four of those connections.” — Jens Lehmann, technical lead and product manager, SAP.

Join mobility’s brightest minds, makers and investors at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 on October 6-7. Set aside your budget concerns and buy an opportunity-packed Expo Pass — before October 6 — for just $ 25. We can’t wait to “see” you there!

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Grab a $50 student pass to TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 while you can

Students — both high school and college — if you have a burning passion for mobility tech, take advantage of our discount passes and join thousands of mobility professionals around the world for TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 on October 6-7.

Buy a student pass for just $ 50 (before prices go up), and you’ll save up to $ 145 over the regular admission price.

You’ll have full access to all the interviews, demos and breakout sessions. We’re talking the top talent in mobility today, the folks who are making it happen now, envisioning the future and investing in the entrepreneurs determined to build it.

Do electric cars get your motor running? Don’t miss our conversation with Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche North America. We’ll cover the electrification of Porsche and much more. Engineering students take note: Porsche Digital maintains tech hubs in both Silicon Valley and Atlanta — a great way to attract engineering talent.

Electric scooters are burning up the track, and Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi will join us to talk about electrification, high-speed electric scooters, micromobility and a new kind of motorsport.

Those are but two examples of the speakers, one-on-one interviews, panels discussions and interactive breakout sessions you’ll enjoy. Check out the Mobility 2020 agenda for all the good stuff.

Savvy students looking for internships or employment should take full advantage of CrunchMatch, our AI-enhanced networking platform. It makes finding, connecting and networking with like-minded Mobility 2020 attendees around the world easier and faster. Schedule 1:1 meetings to meet founders, pitch investors, impress potential employers or demonstrate your areas of expertise.

When you register for Mobility 2020, simply answer a few quick questions about your business preferences and you’ll be automatically registered for CrunchMatch — and you’ll receive an email telling you how and when to access the platform.

Don’t miss the top five finalists who survive the Pitch Night (applications are now closed) as they take the main stage to pitch and demo their products in front of thousands of TechCrunch viewers including press, industry leaders and VCs.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 takes place October 6-7. Buy your discounted student ticket today and connect, engage and network with mobility’s top names, movers and shakers. Get ready to shift your career into overdrive.

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Find out what’s new with the upgraded Disrupt 2020 Digital Pass

We’re just days away from Disrupt 2020, a tech summit of (literally) global proportions. It’s our biggest Disrupt ever, stretching over five days — September 14-18. We’ve packed the conference agenda with experts, insight, trends, tools and connections designed to help early-stage startups meet their potential.

We know many startup budgets are under duress, and we want to make Disrupt accessible to as many people as possible. Today we’re announcing the upgraded Digital Pass starting at just $ 45. Don’t wait to pull the trigger on this deal, because once the event starts on September 14, the price goes up to $ 75. Buy the new Digital Pass right now.

Let’s look at what you can do with your upgraded Disrupt Digital Pass.

You’ll have access to all the programming on the Disrupt Stage. Tune in and learn from the some of the best and brightest tech and investment minds in the world. Folks like Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha, Jennifer Holmgren, sustainability expert and CEO of LanzaTech, and Jennifer A. Doudna, biochemist and co-inventor of CRISPR.

And by the way, the Startup Battlefield, our epic pitch competition that’s launched more than 900 companies, takes place on the Disrupt Stage. Sweet!

You’ll also be able to tune in to all the Breakout Sessions throughout the event. Here’s just one example. Be sure to see Disrupt agenda for all the Breakout Session programming.

Diversity as Disruption: Take action now to create a more diverse ecosystem – Recent events continue to demonstrate that change is not happening fast enough. How can we ensure the current social justice momentum is more than just talk? Guided by SVB’s recent research into the “4th wave of venture capital,” learn how three industry leaders are tackling the problem with real actions. By the close of the session, leave with tangible steps you can take today – whether as an individual or as a firm — to make a meaningful, move-the-needle impact in your organization.

Plus, you’ll have access to the expo where you’ll find hundreds of outstanding startups exhibiting in Digital Startup Alley, including the TC Top Picks. Peruse the expo and check out an incredible array of products and talent that spans the tech spectrum.

Your Digital Pass does NOT include networking with CrunchMatch, programming on the Extra Crunch Stage or the free subscription to Extra Crunch. A simple upgrade to the PRO pass unlocks access to these features and more opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t let a thin budget keep you from experiencing the extensive programming — packed with experts, insight and trends — on the Disrupt Stage. Get your upgraded Digital Pass for just $ 45 before September 13 at 11:59 p.m. (PT) — and $ 75 afterward.

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Grab a Labor Day flash sale pass to Disrupt 2020 and save $100 – TechCrunch – Best gaming pro

Grab a Labor Day flash sale pass to Disrupt 2020 and save $ 100 – TechCrunch  Best gaming pro
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