Map-Based Mobile App – Where to Start?

Hi friends,

I've got a question but I'm not sure if I'm even in the right sub-Reddit. If this needs to go somewhere else, feel free to nudge me out the door and in the right direction if you happen to know where that might be. 🙂

Long story short, I have an idea for a map-based mobile app. Much like a Yelp but curated for a specific set of businesses. I'd love to start by building out a (usable?) web version of this map that can then be passed onto a developer/designer and eventually made into a mobile app. This is currently a passion project that I'd love to operate as a non-profit in the future so I'm working with a super limited budget and would love to do as much of the work myself, in terms of building out the map, as possible.

Any thoughts on where I should start? I'd love to be able to allow others to add businesses and points on the map as well though that's not 100% necessary.

Thanks in advance! <3

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