[Lemonade in Investor Place] Lemonade Stock Should Be Your Main Squeeze This Summer

Insurance companies have been around for as long as we can remember, but the lack of innovation has made this industry ripe for disruption. Enter Lemonade (NYSE:LMND), the “insurtech” startup that hopes to make insurance cool again. Fresh off its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in July, Lemonade stock rallied 138% and pushed the company’s market valuation to $ 3 billion.

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Are there any good templates you can recommend for writing a mobile app start-up business plan? Any advice as to what are the main mistakes people make on business plans? I would like to show one to a potential investor.

It would be really helpful to see any of your business plans on here, but I can understand if that's highly confidential.

Either way any advice as to how to write a good business plan would be welcomed.

I already have a plan from well before I released my app 6 months, but things have changed quite a lot and I'm getting a lot more traction, so I'd like to really nail my business plan, if not only to help me out in narrowing my focus.


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[Juganu in Ein Presswire] Juganu’s Smart Lighting System Transforms Main Border Crossing Between Brazil and Paraguay

In just three days, Juganu completed installation of its patented foam™ technology on the Friendship Bridge – a border crossing between the Brazilian city of Foz de Iguaçu and the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este. This 1,812-ft-long arch bridge with a pedestrian path that crosses over the Parana River is the main economic corridor between the two countries. It is also known for its lax security and frequent smuggling of goods from Paraguay into Brazil.

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Main Capital backs Alfa’s acquisition of Joliv to create leading e-health player in Swedish healthcare market

In a bid to create a leading SaaS player in the Swedish care arena, Main Capital, a strategic investor that focuses on the software sector in the Benelux, Nordic and DACH regions facilitated a combination between Alfa and Joliv. With this succession, there will be a one-stop-shop solution in Sweden that will help care providers, as well as municipalities, improve the quality of care provision.

How will it benefit the care market?

The combination of Alfa and Joliv will result in a leading Swedish software provider for the care market that services over 500 Swedish care institutions. The joint product creates a one-stop-shop offering that will add value and increase efficiency in the everyday car processes of clients. With such a solution, care providers will be able to go through the digital transition of the healthcare sector and deal with cost pressures that arise from the ageing population.

Joliv developed largest SaaS solution!

Founded in 1999 in Västerås, Sweden, Joliv provides a slew of e-health solutions serving over 120 clients in the elderly care market across 40 regions and municipalities. It offers a broad portfolio of innovative IT solutions that contribute to a quality-assured and safe work environment for care providers along with benefits such as more time for personal meetings with patients and minimised administration needs.

Recently, it bagged a large tender with Stockholms Stad and its largest product is Mobil OMSORG, which is a SaaS solution that provides high-quality planning and support to elderly, home and social care.

Alfa eyes create leader in the Nordic care market

Alfa founded in 1998 in Malmö, Sweden is a recognised software provider in e-health. It offers solutions to public as well as private healthcare providers across Sweden. Its customer base includes municipalities, private care providers, dentists, general practitioners, and public institutions. Its broad portfolio covers both complete information systems and niche products including electronic prescribing, care planning, medication information, and journaling.

With an organic growth strategy and smart strategic acquisitions, Alfa focuses on creating a leading player in the Nordic care market. And, it has taken the support of Main Capital that has experience in the European healthcare market. Well, Main Capital has invested in software groups such as SDB Group, RVC Medical IT, Enovation, etc.

Albert Winter, Managing Director of Alfa Group said, “The combination with Joliv creates a lot of value and possibilities for our joint customer base as well as strengthens our positioning in the market as the end-to-end strategic software partner in the care market. We look forward to building an innovative and successful future together with Joliv.”

Christian Strömblad, Executive Chairman, Joliv said, “I look forward to build an even stronger team together, where Joliv can continue on its successful strategy to become a leading brand in this industry and support our customer’s digitalization journey with great products and service. Joliv, with our purpose driven culture, recognized products, skilled expertise, and ability to speak our customer’s language, plays an important part in achieving this with our new partners”

Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner, Main Capital said, “The combination of Joliv and Alfa creates a leading care software provider in the Swedish market and the combined offering will allow for adding further sustainable and strategic value to the end customers. Together with the joint management team of the combined Alfa Group we will keep working towards adding further value to the clients through expanding and developing the product offering both organically and by acquisitions.”

Main image picture credits: Joliv

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Main Capital raises €564M to invest in software-focused companies in Benelux, DACH and Nordics

Main Capital Partners announced that recently the Dutch PE firm has successfully executed the final closing of Main Capital VI on the hard cap of €564 million, well above the target size. There was more interest than Main could accept.

Besides commitments from existing investors in our previous funds, they have welcomed several new high quality institutional investors and family offices from around the globe.

Main Capital VI will continue with the strategy to invest in majority buyouts of solid, profitable and growing Enterprise Software companies in our key focus regions Benelux, DACH and Nordics. These companies have an active (cross-border) add-on acquisition strategy to build larger software groups based on both organic and inorganic growth.

Since the end of 2019, the Main Capital Partners team has already been actively deploying Main Capital VI which has led to four new platform companies spread over the Netherlands (Exxellence Groep and WoodWing), Scandinavia (Alfa) and Germany (GBTEC) and one realized add-on acquisition so far.

Today it was announced that GBTEC (Germany) has acquired Austrian company avedos (Governance, Risk and Compliance Software). Despite the current unprecedented circumstances, we see ample high quality dealflow opportunities to further deploy the fund in the coming months and years to come.

Including the investments of previous funds, Main Capital has invested in approximately 6 new platform software companies and more than 10 add-on acquisitions of software companies were realized over the past twelve months.

Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner of Main Capital Partners:

“We are very grateful for our investors’ continued support and strive to continue to support and build successful and resilient enterprise software companies together with the founders and management teams of our companies. The goal is to achieve value for all stakeholders.”

Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, DACH and Nordics regions. Main has a long-term investment horizon centered around successful partnerships with management teams, with the goal to, jointly, build larger software groups. Main has approximately € 1 billion in assets under management for investments in mature and growing software companies. Main has investment teams in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The current portfolio of Main Capital includes growing software- and SaaS software companies like WoodWing, Alfa, Exxellence, Optimizers, Assessio, GBTEC, Onventis, HYPE Innovation, cleversoft, Enovation, SDB Groep, Jobrouter, GOconnectIT, Verklizan, Inergy, MUIS Software, Artegic, OBI4wan, b+m Informatik, ChainPoint and RVC. Successful former companies that have grown substantially under the guidance of Main are: Connexys (HR software), Roxit (governmental software), Axxerion (facility management software) and Ymor (APM software).

The underlying groups and Main Capital Partners jointly employ approximately 3,000 people and generate approximately €400 million in revenue.

— Press release

Main image credits: Akira Kaelyn /Shutterstock

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A hack I built over easter got a main feature on the Product Hunt Daily newsletter today (a paid feature in the sample place is $6,000+) — let’s bet on how many visitors this drives in the next 24 hours!

Link to newsletter: https://www.producthunt.com/newsletter/4615 (third runner up, closest to the button)

Will post Google Analytics screenshot tomorrow at 11:59 GMT, take your bets for # unique visitors in 24 hours in the comments 👇

Winner gets: fame, eternal glory and bragging rights!

Joking aside, I've always wondered how many visits you get from sponsoring that newsletter — let's find out!

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