[Kenna Security in Loss Prevention Media] Tips to Help Retailers Ensure That Black Friday Is Secure and Incident Free

In the build up to Black Friday, it’s tempting to make technology upgrades to help performance on the day, but Stephen Roostan, VP EMEA at Kenna Security, warns that this could backfire and weaken an organization’s security. “For the IT and security teams, this make or break period is definitely not the time to be making significant upgrades or proactively deploying major patching initiatives. All the must-do IT projects will either have been completed, or put on the back-burner for now.

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UFC flyweight Brandon Royval’s shoulder has to be popped back in after first-round TKO loss – Yahoo Finance Australia

UFC flyweight Brandon Royval’s shoulder has to be popped back in after first-round TKO loss  Yahoo Finance Australia
“sweden startups when:7d” – Google News

How Do You Get Over a Pitch Competition Loss?

Hey all, new to this subreddit.

I can complain for hours on end, but it will honestly get me nowhere. I participated in a pitch competition today and lost. It was a Sweet 16 style competition. 16 teams, split up into 4 Zoom rooms with 4 teams each. The 4 teams that move on from each room pitch in the final round, where all 4 teams receive a portion of $ 14,000.

Our company is Medical Virtual Reality start-up. So far we've come in 1st place in a pitch competition winning $ 500 in July, and third place in another competition in September with $ 1,000. We have good traction, but development is expensive.

We we're seeking $ 8,000 of the $ 14,000 prize pool, granted we got into the final round to ask for it. Unfortunately, we lost although the showrunners and judges of other rooms had told us we were going to win (most of them are mentors/advisors of our business). The judges in our room were rather new, but I guess they didn't like something about our pitch or idea. Followed up with feedback from them, but waiting on a response.

Anyway – what are some ways of getting over it that maybe you all have done? This is the first time we've actually lost in a competition totally, and it feels pretty bad!

I'm definitely allowing myself to feel the emotion, and of course part of me wants to use it as motivation and keep moving forward. But this definitely sucks.

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OSRAM Licht AG: Amendment to the domination and profit and loss transfer agreement with ams Offer GmbH – Yahoo Finance UK

OSRAM Licht AG: Amendment to the domination and profit and loss transfer agreement with ams Offer GmbH  Yahoo Finance UK
“sweden startups when:7d” – Google News

Ro makes the weight loss product Plenity commercially available to everyone in the US

In what could be the first step in the development of a significant new line of business for the telemedicine prescription provider Ro, the company is finally announcing the general commercial availability of weight loss product, Plenity.

Developed by Gelesis, a biotech company that makes treatments for gastro-intestinal disorders, Plentiy is a weight loss treatment that uses citric acid and cellulose to create a non-toxic paste that makes people feel more full after they ingest it. Taken before meals, the pill becomes a substance that expands to take up about 25% of the stomach, so people eat less.

The product has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is available for a much broader segment of the population than other weight loss products. While most prescription medicines are intended for people who are obese, the Gelesis product is made for people who are overweight, too.

“That’s adults who have a BMI from 25 up to 40. That’s 150 million Americans,” according to Gelesis chief commercial and operating officer, David Pass.

Plenity received FDA approval last April and Gelesis started working with Ro soon after, according to Pass. The idea was to craft a strategy that could get the treatment, which is classified as a medical device and not a drug, in the hands of as many patients as quickly as possible.

For Ro, the agreement with Gelesis is a sign of potential things to come. The company is the exclusive online provider of the Plenity treatment and Ro founder Zachariah Reitano said that there’s an incredible potential to engage in more of these types of deals.

“We would love to be able to partner with pharmaceutical companies to decrease the cost of distribution,” said Reitano. “We were excited to build an exciting treatment solution for weight management. Our high-level mission is to be the patient’s first call.”

With the Gelesis partnership Ro can add another highly desirable treatment to its roster of therapies — and one that can be a contributing factor to increasing the severity of other conditions that the company already provides treatment for, Reitano said. 

“There are a few conditions that we currently treat that are exacerbated by a patient being overweight or obese. People who struggle with weight management will also experience ED. Obesity can lead to heart failure stroke, coronary heart disease, hypetension, depression,” Reitano said. “The breadth of the label is interesting. Only FDA approved with a BMI from 25 to 40. FDA approved treatment have been between 30 and 40. [It] makes the treatment more accessible to a wider variety of people.”

As the only online provider of the treatment, Ro has developed an onboarding process to ensure that the Plenity therapy isn’t abused by people who suffer from eating disorders.

“During our onboarding we not only ask questions to patients about their weight management. There’s a consecutive set of images that need to be uploaded and taken with the provider. That’s something we’ve taken a lot of time and energy to make sure about,” said Reitano. 

Like the other treatments Ro offers, Plenity is a cash pay prescription, because the weight loss treatments aren’t typically covered by insurance, he said.

The benefit of working with an online pharmacy like Ro to provide distribution for a new therapy was obvious to both startups.

“We turned this market on its head by putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do,” said Pass. The treatment costs $ 98 per month, compared to other therapies or branded medications that could be as much $ 300 and $ 350 per month, according to Pass.

One reason that Gelesis is able to reduce the price of the drug is that it won’t have to hire a massive sales force to pitch it. The company has Ro for that.

“Normally you have a pharmaceutical company that would have to hire a sales force and go door to door and it increases the cost of a new drug. [Ro] can make a new, innovative treatment available, like Plenity, available nationwide,” Reitano said. 

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