Should I get my LLC prior to hiring a freelance dev for short-term project help? What protections should I consider?

Just trying to cover my bases.

I do have a patent already pending, so I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about divulging the IP and losing my rights to that. But I would like to at least get a verbal agreement to embargo any project materials and information. Will that be enough?

And do I need the LLC before I pay for this help? I've been putting it off until I had a legal reason to use it. But this is still temp work at this time, so I'm not really discussing partnerships or anything yet.

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Bias-free hiring platform Bryq raises €1.2 million to expand across Europe and the US

Talent assessment platform Bryq announced today the closing of its €1.2 million seed funding round by BigPi Ventures, a seed-stage and technology-transfer €45 million fund. Founded in 2014 in Greece, Bryq offers a science-backed talent assessment platform to help companies remove bias from hiring and meet employer demand by enabling companies to hire for the…

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Incredible Health updates its healthcare career platform to help nurse hiring cope with COVID

The healthcare industry, even prior to the current pandemic, has never looked much like other industries when it comes to hiring and career management. That was the impetus behind Incredible Health, a startup founded by medical doctor Iman Abuzeid and Amazon alum Rome Portlock. The platform Incredible Health built is all about connecting nurses with jobs – but it goes above and beyond your typical online job board in order to provide better service both to job seekers and hospitals, and to help nurses throughout the course of their careers.

I spoke to Abuzeid, who serves as Incredible Health’s CEO, about some new features that Incredible Health has just introduced, in part to address the particular needs of nurses and hospitals considering the constraints of COVID-19 and the ongoing challenges it presents. She first explained why Incredible is a unique platform to begin with, among a sea of relatively undifferentiated job search products.

“There are three unique things about the platform,” she said. “The first is that the employers apply to the nurses instead of the other way around – which we can do because of this huge supply-demand imbalance. The second is that we’ve automated the screening and pre-vetting of the nurses, so we’re able to automatically verify things like licenses and certifications, and experiences and so on, because we’ve integrated with so many databases. And the third thing we do is custom matching algorithms.”

That means Incredible Health provides hospitals with only matches that meet their exact needs for a specific position requirement, rather than forcing them to wade through large numbers of potential applicants who might not have the skills they need. In a field like nursing, which has a lot of specific professional designations and certifications, specificity actually helps both sides quite a bit.

“The end result of all of that is hires that happen at least three or four times faster,” Abuzeid told me. “Our average right now is 13 days, and the efficiency is about 30 times more efficient than a standard job board. Really, some of the biggest impacts we have are financial – we save on average, each hospital we work with, about $ 2 million per year. We do that by reducing their travel nurse budget, because they don’t have to use as many contract workers when they’re permanently staffed. And we also reduce their overtime costs, and their HR costs.”

Abuzeid also told me that nurses hired through Incredible Health tend to stick around longer. The startup only has about a year of historical data to check against so far, but she said that so far, they’re seeing about 25% percent higher retention vs. the industry average. She added that they suspect this is due largely to the fact that nurses are able to consider multiple offers and hospital options on the platform, since there are often multiple employers vying to hire the same employee, especially in the case of specialization like ICU nurses.

As for what’s new to Incredible Health, the company has introduced automated interview scheduling. Abuzeid says that has led to 70% of interviews being scheduled via automation within 36 hours on the platform currently. The platform has also introduced remote interviewing for safely distanced pre-hiring interactions, and in-app chat between potential employers and nurses right in the iOS, Android and web apps that Incredible Health offers. Profiles for nurses on the platform also now list socialites and skills, from a pre-set catalog of 45 specialities and 250 skills that are specific to the nursing field, like ICU or OR expertise. Abuzeid said that most of these were fast-tracked due to significant changes they were seeing in the hiring process as a result of the COVID pandemic.

“We saw several impacts,” she told me. “First is like the number of offers that started to go out – we see one go out every few hours now. And the number of interview requests is up to one being sent every few minutes. So it’s really accelerated, and that’s been a combination of two things. One is just that we made the software better and more efficient – but the other thing is the urgency also increased on the hospital end given the pandemic.”

Aside from improving the process of hiring vs. traditional methods, and supporting more remote hiring and onboarding workflows, Incredible Health also addresses some of the diversity gaps in the current healthcare industry hiring process. Abuzeid explained that that’s due in part to built-in features of the platform like salary estimate calculators, and adds that some tweaks have been created intentionally to level the playing field.

“30% of nurses identity in the U.S. identify as minorities, so we take diversity pretty seriously because that’s a huge chunk of our user base,” she said. “By giving nurses salary data, it democratizes that and makes you more informed. We also provide talent advocates who are also nurses on our team that support every single nurse, helping them almost as career coach to support them throughout the hiring process.”

Incredible Health also takes steps to ensure the product isn’t itself reinforcing any existing biases that may be present, consciously or otherwise, on the part of hiring parties.

“We random sort the list of the list of nurses as they’re displayed in front of employers and the application, or we use avatars instead of profile pictures,”  We’re also constantly monitoring the data that that that’s in the platform. So for example, we noticed that recruiters were biasing against nurses that lived further away. And so we just removed the current location of the nurse, we just stopped displaying that, and that bias went away. So it’s really important that the software and our algorithms actually counter human bias.”

So far, Incredible Health has raised $ 17 million in funding, including a Series A last year led by Jeff Jordan at Andreessen Horowitz. The company is already in use at over 200 hospitals across the U.S., as well as at a number of the largest health care networks in the country, like HCA and Baylor, and at academics medical centres including Cedar Sinai and Stanford as well. The startup is growing quickly by addressing a long-standing need with software designed specifically to the challenge, and looks poised for even more future growth as the demand for qualified, well-supported healthcare professionals grows.

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BrightHire Raises $3M for its Intelligent Interviewing Assistant That’s Making Hiring More Human

The mantra in the startup world is that you are only as good as your team. However, companies that are scaling fast invest extraordinary amounts in any SaaS tool that will optimize their company’s and team’s performance but often overlook the actual hiring process.  BrightHire is an HR tech startup that’s launching its intelligence interview management platform that serves as a real-time assistant during interviews that ensures interviews are being conducted with a company’s goals, values, and needs in mind. AlleyWatch caught up with CEO and Cofounder Ben Sessler to learn more about how BrightHire is thriving in the age of remote work, the company’s future plans, and recent funding round from investors that include Flybridge Capital, Ground Up Ventures, RTP Ventures, J Ventures, and Haystack, Silas Capital, and Rabil Ventures.

These insanely fast-growing fintech companies from Amsterdam are hiring right now

The economy of almost all countries around has been negatively impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Netherlands was hit with a recession as well, which caused companies to cut back on spends and even let go of employees in some cases, raising unemployment numbers in the country. 

Now, with the lockdown easing up and things getting back on track, companies are hiring again.Especially the fintech sector has fueled growth in the job market, so here are some open vacancies in some insanely fast-growing Amsterdam-based fintech companies.


Founders: Pieter van der Does, Arnout Schuijff

Total Funding: €293M

Adyen is one of the biggest payment processing companies with a market cap north of €40 billion. It is looking for fresh talent to hire, and at the time of writing this article, there are 55 open vacancies available at the company’s job portal, which you can check out here. Adyen helps businesses with its payment platform, which enables merchants to accept payments in a single system so that their revenue grows via online, on mobile devices, and at the point of sale.


Founders: Brice Laurent, Marcel Meijer

Total Funding: €52.M

Amsterdam headquartered fintech Factris helps SMEs turn their invoices into cash in just 24 hours. The startup also offers a Finance Automation for Business platform (FAB), which automates tasks for employees to focus on personalised customer care. 

The company says it has registered zero fraud cases since the service had launched. After raising a notable €50M in a new financing agreement, the company is on the lookout for new additions to its team. You can check out the open job profiles on the company’s careers page here.


Founders: Adriaan Mol
Amount raised: €115M

Amsterdam-based payment services provider Mollie recently joined the fintech unicorn club after it raised €90M in its series B funding round. The company was launched in 2004 and is one of the leading payment processors in Europe. It facilitates companies of all sizes to build their business by allowing them to use different payment methods such as Apple Pay, credit cards, PayPal, Klarna, and iDeal among others. You can check out open positions at the company here.


Founders: Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, Mark van Laar, 

Amount raised: €14,3M

The Amsterdam-based online car damage repair platform, Fixico raised €7 million in its previous funding round  early Lyft investor from Autotech Ventures. The Dutch (insurtech) company offers a digital platform that seamlessly handles car repair for consumers, insurers, and fleet owners, offering them complete control at every step in the repair process. The company has grown further since its last funding round and is now looking for new team members to expand its local and international footprint. You can apply for jobs at Fixico here


Founders: Bas Wouwenaar, Chris Zadeh, Erik Drijkoningen, and Ilco van Bolhuis

Amount raised: €40M

Ohpen is a Dutch fintech company that claims to be the world’s first SaaS core banking engine that runs entirely on the cloud. The company aims to liberate its customers from their legacy systems, and its service is available as SaaS or BPO. The startup also recently acquired mortgage fintech Davinci to extend its core banking product range into the mortgage market. You can check out open positions at the company here


Founders: Valery Vavilov, Mark Dollar, Steven Schultz

Amount raised: 

Amsterdam-based unicorn Bitfury is a full-service bitcoin and blockchain company that is a security and infrastructure provider for Bitcoin and Blockchain. The company launched its AI unit a while ago, which operates alongside its blockchain services. CEO and co-founder of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov also shared his insights on how blockchain is changing the tech world in Europe, which you can check out here. There are also new job postings on the company’s career page.


Founders: Ali Niknam

Amount raised: €44.9M

Bunq is one of the established players in the digital baking scene. The company is trying to reshape banking by making it digital, and it announced the third revamp of its app Bunq V3, a few months ago. The company added a host of new features with the update, which are aimed at enhancing usability. Additionally, a new feature will enable users to donate for any charity they want to support. You can apply for open positions at the company here


Founders: Nick Bortot 

Amount raised: €29.6M 

The online commission-free investment platform Bux is an Amsterdam based company, which achieved the title of being the biggest neobroker in Europe. BUX was founded back in 2014 by Nick Bortot in Amsterdam, and it aims to make it easy and affordable for users to invest in the market. You can check out jobs available at the company here

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Intern dramas: how to navigate hiring, short stays and delegating tasks in the year of disruption – EU-Startups

Intern dramas: how to navigate hiring, short stays and delegating tasks in the year of disruption  EU-Startups
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What languages to have general knowledge of before hiring CTO

Me and my cofounder aren’t tech focused, we have our strengths but certainly haven’t done much coding etc in our past. When we get to the stage of hiring a CTO- what languages should I know or have a basic understanding of to know what they’re doing / talking about? We are building a SaaS company in the construction industry.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!