Online Marketplace Startups Market Is Set for a Rapid Growth and is Expected to Reach USD Billion by 2027: Airbnb, Alibaba, Etsy, Freelancer, Fivver – My Kids Health

Online Marketplace Startups Market Is Set for a Rapid Growth and is Expected to Reach USD Billion by 2027: Airbnb, Alibaba, Etsy, Freelancer, Fivver  My Kids Health
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Ukrainian startup aims to disrupt US real estate, rivals Airbnb, Zillow | KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global Voice – Kyiv Post

Ukrainian startup aims to disrupt US real estate, rivals Airbnb, Zillow | KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global Voice  Kyiv Post
“startups when:1d” – Google News

Click&Boat: ‘Airbnb of seas’ acquires European competitor Nautal

Click&Boat is a boat rental site for private individuals and professionals created in 2013 by two French Entrepreneurs; Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth. 

In recent development, the UK boat hiring platform acquired its main competitor Nautal to grow its UK offering. The acquisition has added more than 360 boats in UK sites such as Galway, County Leitrim, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Click&Boat’s Founder, Jeremy Bismuth explained: “Click&Boat and Nautal share many values and commonalities. With the acquisition of Nautal, Click&Boat opens a new chapter in its development and allows the business to reach a critical size to promote optimal quality of service. We are shaping the yachting of tomorrow together, making it accessible to as many people as possible.”

Intends to develop new products and services

This acquisition allows the Click&Boat group to become the benchmark nautical tourism company globally, with an additional 10,000 boats, notably in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany. Additionally, the company intends to develop new products and services for renters and owners. 

Community of one million users

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Click&Boat continues to expand, and the company now has 150 employees and connects a community of one million users around the world.

As per the company claims, it has achieved more than 100% growth each year over the last five years and is set to accelerate its international expansion. Following recent acquisitions, the Click&Boat fleet has grown from 35,000 to 45,000 boats.

Boat rental time is up by 11%

Click&Boat is continuing to expand its consumer offer and has upped the number of skippered charters as a direct result of an increase in post lockdown bookings requesting manned rentals. 

In fact, the company saw an increase in bookings by 60% compared to the same period (June) last year. Notably, the average length of the summer 2020 boat rental time is also up by 11%.

Click&Boat’s UK Press &Marketing Manager, Jack Bowerman adds; “The Nautal acquisition is really exciting for our UK market, as it dramatically increases the number of boats in the UK that will benefit from the Click&Boat group’s ever-growing resources. Holiday makers in the UK booking boats through Nautal will now benefit from Click&Boat’s additional resource – from customer care to the experience that comes with being the world leader in boat rentals.”

How Click&Boat was born?

The idea is simple – millions of boats remain idle at ports around the world, incurring maintenance costs for their owners. The platform matches boat owners who want to earn extra income with sailing enthusiasts who can rent a boat at surprisingly low costs. 

The company operates in major boating destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Croatia, as well as the UK.

Main image credits: Click&Boat

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If you thought up the idea of Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, etc., but didn’t know how to program/code, what would be your steps to build and launch the company.

If you thought up one of the above mentioned companies (or other of the like), but knew nothing of creating it, how would you overcome that barrier?

These are the conditions:

• No programming knowledge • No friends who program • 2020 resources

Everything else is fair game. What would you do? What’s your day 1 look like? What’s the roadmap from idea to product?

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EV Charging Network : Airbnb Style

Hello Everyone: As we all know EV‘s are all the craze currently and most likely will become even more important over the next years. So I decided to start on the journey of starting a share network that basically allows people to list their own home charger or businesses to list their chargers, similar to how people list their apartments on Airbnb. In a nutshell the App would show a map of your local area with available chargers and their individual prices listed. People would be free to select their own price/kWh, and allow people to charge at their charger. Profit would be generated by taking a small fee per kWh charged.

Some issues that I would like help with/thoughts about:

1) The charger (if it is a home charger) would need to be publicly accessible, so having it inside of a garage, like many people obviously do, would not work. 2) The charging would need to be regulated so that people don’t go around stealing electricity. I’m thinking some kind of IOT Smart Plug or circuit breaker that gets installed inside the building (to prevent third party interference with it). How could this be tied into the app? Especially because it has to be easily installed by the consumer. This would also be used to measure how many kWh are actually being charged into the vehicle (losses through the charger just have to be accepted) and used to calculate the final cost of the charging process. 3) How would you recommend I continue with this? I have close to zero coding experience, but was initially thinking to build an iOS app as that would be easiest for me to prototype, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort if the project doesn’t succeed. Also: Support for other platforms would take longer. So maybe a Webapp would be better? 4) I don’t exactly have the financial means for a project of this scale, but I’m thinking the timing is perfect right now, so I wanted to see if you all think it’s worth running this through Kickstarter and see if it raises some capital. 5) I’m not 18 yet, so the legal aspects of the business would need to be handled by someone else for now. This isn’t really a problem though as my sister is willing to take on the legal matters, she’s just not really willing to provide any assistance otherwise.

So: what do y’all think? How would you recommend I proceed with this and continue building this project? What would be a good initial start point to try and launch a kickstarter with? Any other recommendations?


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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

YC-backed Glimpse helps Airbnb hosts make money through product placement

Glimpse is giving Airbnb hosts a way to make extra money while also supplying their accommodations with new products.

The startup was founded by CEO Akash Raju, COO Anuj Mehta and CPO Kushal Negi, who all attended Purdue University together. It’s part of the current batch of startups at accelerator Y Combinator — where, coincidentally or not, Airbnb is the most famous alum.

Raju said that he and his co-founders came up with the idea while they were still in school and working with brands to create pop-up shops on campus. They realized that many new, direct-to-consumer brands are looking to increase awareness, and they decided that Airbnbs were the perfect place to convince someone to try (for example) a new mattress or a new kind of coffee. After all, hotels are already in the product placement business.

If you’re an Airbnb host, you can sign up and then browse offers for free product samples. (If you really want to stock up, you can buy larger quantities at a discounted price.)

Glimpse works with you to showcase the products on your properties, and to email a digital “lookbook” highlighting the various products to guests at the beginning and end of their stay. You then earns a commission fee (Raju said $ 100 to $ 500 on average, though it can be even higher for big-ticket items) when these samples lead consumers to make a purchase.


Glimpse founders

Brands who have marketed themselves through the platform include the GhostBed mattress and Liquid Death water.

The startup first launched in March of this year — not exactly the best time for the travel business. Raju recalled, “We actually launched right before COVID started. After that, what we really spent a lot of time on was empathizing with hosts.”

In fact, some of the Glimpse’s early partners stopped listing their properties for a while. But travel is on the rise again, including (or even especially) via Airbnb, and Raju said many of Glimpse’s 750 current properties are now fully booked through September. And given the lost income of the past few months, hosts might be even more interested than usual.

He added that the team will continue building out the platform with new features for product discovery and attribution, but he said, “The key thing that makes us unique is our emphasis on that in-home experience.”

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