Frame AI Raises $6.3M to Understand Customer Conversations in Order to Supercharge Existing CX Efforts

The importance of CX can not be understated. Yet as we adopt all these new technologies to better improve the customer experience, we end up creating siloed and disparate sets of data across multiple channels. Frame AI leverages machine learning and AI to synthesize your entire CX stack to deliver accurate insights in a fraction of the time it would take using other means. This leads to better customer experience.

Starting my journey – Launching a website question

Hello guys,

I have been thinking about a personal project that I could work on during my days at home to gain some experience in the process. The personal project I have in mind is a gaming news and review website that I would really like to work on. However, I have never created my own website before and although I've been learning a bit more about Python lately, I still lack programming experience.

I am willing to do the research and learning necessary for this, but I would like to be as efficient as possible in how to approach this from the start. For example, is the best approach to creating this website through actual web development or is there some much more time-efficient yet useful way such as a service (for example Squarespace). As an example, a website like IGN is similar to what I would like to aim for, with eventually having a login feature and a mobile app connected to the website in the future.

Are there any useful resources that you have used when starting out on your own project? I would love to hear your advice / suggestions described briefly without too much details if possible. I can then spend the rest of my time doing research and executing based on your suggestions, which would really help me understand and learn a part of the whole launching a project/startup process.

Sorry if a lot of this is vague, I really hope that you can understand what I mean. Not having a mentor or someone to ask questions means I have to turn to a community that can hopefully give some insights. Excited to be part of this subreddit! Any comments, suggestions, feedback or criticism is welcome!


I want to launch a gaming news website similar to IGN.

1) What is the most efficient way to start building such a website? (I am currently learning Python. If I can use it for this, that would be a huge plus for my learning experience) :).

2) What are other technical things I should keep in mind or think about with regards to starting a website, having a login feature, and/or having a mobile app for this in the future?

Thank you!

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Using AI, Yes Health cuts costs, improves adherence for weight loss and diabetes treatment

Using a combination of machine learning and computer vision, Yes Health claims it can cut costs and improve adherence for behavioral-based treatments targeting diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions.

Those claims, and the company’s technology-based approach, has netted the company a new $ 6 million in funding led by Khosla Ventures .

The company’s technology automates patient’s reporting requirements by allowing them to take a picture of their meals rather than entering their daily food intake into a system. The company’s software recognizes meals from the images and converts that information into data that physicians and patients can use to monitor their progress.

If the ease of use for patients is one selling point, then the company’s automated messaging service is another. Using computer-generated prompts instead of human consultations reduces the cost of the service and ultimately the price that folks have to pay.

Founded by Alexander Petrov, a former PayPal executive who is, himself, pre-diabetic, Yes Health takes the therapies that have been pioneered by companies like Virta Health and Omada and makes them easier for patients to manage. 

“The biggest difference is that we have a level of personalization that then translates into engagement that is very unique,” says Petrov. “We are doing it through what we call an image-based in-the-moment approach… We capture, analyze and share data not just through text but through images.”

The company, which launched six years ago, is working with Blue Shield of California and other healthcare partners. Yes Health has tens of thousands of paying members, according to Petrov, and the vision is to reach millions of people. 

Yes Health sells through both healthcare plans and direct to consumers — and the market the company hopes to address is huge. Roughly 34 million Americans had diabetes in 2018, according to data from the CDC, and another 88 million are considered pre-diabetic. The cost of caring for these conditions in the U.S. is an astonishing $ 327 billion each year. Healthcare costs for these patients can also reach more than 230% of the average American’s healthcare expenditures.

These issues take on new significance given the COVID-19 epidemic. Conditions like diabetes or obesity are linked to increasing chances of fatality from COVID-19 infection, according to reports.

“Americans are more conscious than ever about their health, and digital health has become one of the most important markets for innovation,” said Samir Kaul, founding partner and managing director of Khosla Ventures, in a statement. “Yes Health is proven to tackle difficult and costly chronic conditions through an AI-augmented and all-mobile solution, aligning it with our firm’s thesis in healthcare.”

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MarketersMEDIA Offers US$1.5M in PR Credits to Help Startups Manage the Coronavirus Crisis – Next Unicorn Ventures

MarketersMEDIA Offers US$ 1.5M in PR Credits to Help Startups Manage the Coronavirus Crisis  Next Unicorn Ventures
“startups when:1d” – Google News launches new AI-powered knowledge base solution for startups and distributed teams – PR Web launches new AI-powered knowledge base solution for startups and distributed teams  PR Web
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Tasty deal? Durham food tech startup cultivates plan to bring new breeds of berries to market – WRAL Tech Wire

Tasty deal? Durham food tech startup cultivates plan to bring new breeds of berries to market  WRAL Tech Wire
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Israeli Startup Vocalis Health is Partnering with the Government to Refine a Voice Test for Coronavirus –

Israeli Startup Vocalis Health is Partnering with the Government to Refine a Voice Test for Coronavirus
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Fast growth, new space: Buffalo-based startup closes $7M in coronavirus-fueled venture capital – Buffalo Business First

Fast growth, new space: Buffalo-based startup closes $ 7M in coronavirus-fueled venture capital  Buffalo Business First
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