[OurCrowd in Wired] “スタートアップネイション”から見た、2020年代の5つのテックトレンド:イスラエル発「OurCrowd 2020」レポート

スタートアップ大国イスラエルのブランドを決定づけたベストセラー『START-UP NATION』が刊行されて早10年。自国にテックジャイアントを生み出す代わりに世界のビジネスエコシステムと共存し、AIやセキュリティ、医療をはじめ多分野でますます存在感を示すイスラエルのスタートアップエコシステムについて、このほどエルサレムで開催された投資家向けグローバルサミット「OurCrowd 2020」で発表されたテックトレンドを通して考察する。

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Is Mailchimp GDPR Compliant

Hi All

Just having a read through of this article on Medium regarding some issues with GDPR compliance for businesses using Mailchimp for email marketing.

I appreciate that the article is a couple of years out of date (May 2018), however, I wonder if anybody can provide some guidance on whether Mailchimp is GDPR compliant now, and if not what areas are lacking GDPR compliance?

From having a look on their site they list a couple of things which aren't GDPR compliant, however, I am still not all that clear on how that pertains to my particular situation.

For reference, I will have a landing page, whereby people can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter type thing, which I had planned to do via Mailchimp. I appreciate I will need to have a form on their landing page whereby people give their consent in line with GDPR regulation so as I can then use their emails addresses to send the newsletter to, however in the original article on Medium linked above, this is an area highlighted as not being GDPR compliant.

Can anybody shed any light on the situation from their personal experience? In the case that Mailchimp is not great for GDPR compliance, can anybody recommend an alternative?

Many thanks in advance for your responses.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Bradley Tusk on starting a company and seed investing in the coronavirus era

Bradley Tusk has carved a unique path in the VC investment landscape: A longtime political and communications operative, he has built a track record for Tusk Ventures by going after highly regulated industries, rather than shying away from them.

Whether it is ride-hailing, sports betting, cannabis or myriad other regulated sectors, Tusk takes the approach that laws are ultimately malleable, and if a service is popular, its users can mobilize to effect change.

Given his unique perspective, it was great to have him join us this week in an Extra Crunch Live call — our new initiative here at TechCrunch to bring tech-world thought leaders right to your screens.

In our conversation, Tusk talked about edtech, telemedicine, cannabis, mobile voting, biotech, pandemics and the future of regulated industries in this dastardly economic environment. We’ve transcribed a handful of his answers to our and our readers’ questions and have embedded the entire video below the fold.

We’ve edited his written answers for clarity and brevity.

Startups – TechCrunch

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