Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2019

We just finished our 4th annual Hacking for Defense class at Stanford. At the end of each class we have each team give a Lessons Learned presentation. Unlike traditional demo days or Shark Tanks which are “here’s how smart I am, please give me money,” a Lessons Learned presentation tells a story of a journey … Continue reading “Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2019”

The Best Employee Retirement Plans

Studies show that retirement plans are a benefit the vast majority of employees want. In fact, 81 percent of workers say they would like it if their employer enrolled them in a 401(k) automatically. Despite this, a mere 22 percent of employers actually do so. So what accounts for the disconnect? In many cases, business … Continue reading “The Best Employee Retirement Plans”

U.C. Santa Cruz Commencement Speech – 2019

I was honored to give the commencement speech at the University of California Santa Cruz, right down the road from the ranch. Rather than my usual talks about innovation and entrepreneurship I shared a few lessons learned after serving seven years as a public official on the California Coastal Commission. I told four stories about the conflict … Continue reading “U.C. Santa Cruz Commencement Speech – 2019”

Have you ever done a ProductHunt post?

Hi all! My company is releasing a B2B2C SaaS offering in the next few weeks, and offering it free to certain users due to coronavirus. I’m planning a nice PR campaign around it and would like to share on ProductHunt as well. I’ve been following PH for awhile and read a few blogs about how … Continue reading “Have you ever done a ProductHunt post?”

6 Ways to Identify to Whom You’ll Delegate Sensitive Tasks

Mastering the art of delegation is a skill everyone should learn to master. I know that giving up control is never easy. But, admit it, Tiger. You just can’t do everything on your own. Besides, when you learn how to effectively delegate, you’re able to lessen your workload. As a result, you have more time … Continue reading “6 Ways to Identify to Whom You’ll Delegate Sensitive Tasks”

Best Digital Marketing Agencies

From startups to Fortune 500s, every business needs to leverage digital marketing in today’s day and age. But sometimes, you’ll need a little guidance with your digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re unsatisfied with your existing plan, need help with a new campaign, or just want some consultancy, a digital marketing agency can provide you with … Continue reading “Best Digital Marketing Agencies”

The Best Medical Billing Services

Operating a medical practice is a challenging process on a variety of fronts. Caring for patients’ health is the top priority, of course, but multiple other items are important. You need to schedule patients properly, schedule nursing and support staff, order supplies, manage patient records with HIPAA guidelines in mind, and create transcriptions of case … Continue reading “The Best Medical Billing Services”

The Best Telemarketing Services

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing is still a viable marketing strategy for businesses. The best telemarketing services offer more than just cold calling random numbers to sell something. They assist with lead generation, campaign management, and other essential services to make sure you’re generating a high ROI. Some telemarketing services even have complete call center … Continue reading “The Best Telemarketing Services”

In Crisis, What Should Entrepreneurs Make Free(mium)?

Lots of organizations, particularly subscription businesses, are changing their rules about what is free and what is paid, in response to the coronavirus. The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business are a few of the many major publishers that have removed the paywall in front of coronavirus-related content. In other words, now non-subscribers … Continue reading “In Crisis, What Should Entrepreneurs Make Free(mium)?”

Who Ever Thought? The Lean Educators Summit

It’s been almost a decade since we first started teaching the Lean Methodology. It’s remade entrepreneurship education, startup practice and innovation in companies and the government. But in all that time, we haven’t gotten a large group of educators together to talk about what it’s been like to teach Lean or the impact it’s had … Continue reading “Who Ever Thought? The Lean Educators Summit”