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I'm currently in my 1st year of University studying Computer Science and Stats, and I work in a gym. I have a (what I believe to be) good idea for an app that could help PT's work in gyms and get more clients and I want to begin building the app as soon as I possibly can. Even if the app goes nowhere I would still at least use it myself.

I've only learnt the basics of Java so far and a little bit of SQL, hardly enough to build an app. If anyone has any experience with trying to learn coding and building software while in college, how would you recommend I go about doing it? (I.e, how should I manage time with self-taught programming and college work / What languages I should learn outside of college / how much time should I give learning by myself)

Also, I was thinking of asking a few people in my CS class to see if they want to build the app, but if things did go well and the app made money, how would I split the profit with them (especially because I don't know any of them that well)?

Any extra advice would be maaaaasively appreciated 🙏

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