How could you reach out to people in a different country (b2c business)

I'll try to make it as short as possible.

I'm currently working on a financial app for UAE. I live in a separate country. I want to validate the idea but it's been a challenge.

How could I reach out to potential users/customers?

I initially started with LinkedIn but reaching our targeted people to ask for validation is difficult. Most we contacted would not fit under our target market. (Plus I've exhausted my LinkedIn networks)

I'm not confident in sending emails randomly. I don't want to consider it as spam.

I like to interact with people and if I were developing the product for my country I would go the streets and ask every single person, but online is a heck of a challenge… Plus since a fintech app I have the feeling people might associate me to a scammer.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance, much appreciated

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