The Importance Of Education

So the reason I'm posting this is that many people are very one-sided in their business approaches. Now that's not to say everyone is, but whenever I come on Reddit or other online platforms and I see a ton of people explaining how certain areas such as dropshipping, SEO, and other businesses need to operate in a certain way or fashion. I want you to know I'm currently running an e-Commerce business that brings in over 12k a month and I can say from personal experience that 90% of what I do in my daily routine isn't just E-commerces. It all eventually goes back into the final product, but throughout my day I'm doing things like marketing, sales, and accounting or bookkeeping. The actual E-commerce part of my day which is fulfilling orders is a very slim portion of my time. So don't be so one-sided in your guy's approaches, I bought hundreds of courses on tons of different subjects, but if I only stuck to Ecommerce books/courses I'd still be working my 9-5. Diversify your education and you'll be successful. Being able to apply multiple skills from multiple sets of courses or certifications is what makes my store specifically stand out over others and you can do the same if you keep learning and applying your knowledge

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