Corporate Company or Start Up?

I’m going to be graduating with my bachelors in a couple months and have started applying to jobs and some internships.

I have two offers, for privacy, one is an internship at a big pharma company and the other is a full time job at a series A biotech start up with 25 million in recent funding.

The internship is only 12 weeks while the start up technically has no end date. Both are pretty much equivalent in pay, the start up a is bit more and the responsibilities of the roles are similar.

I’m having trouble deciding which to accept. The internship is great because the company is a big name in pharma and I will have a great opportunity to expand my skill set and network. The drawback is that it’s temporary, and I’d most likely not be offered a full time job at the end of the internship, so will have to line up another job during that time. However, this experience may make it easier to get a full time position.

The start up is great because it’s full time, health insurance, dental, etc and in a research area I don’t have as much experience in, so I’d also expand my skill set. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot as I’ve heard it can be stressful with little work-life balance. A couple drawbacks are that I don’t know the stability of the company (I’m sure more than 12 weeks).

I would love some advice as to hear other perspectives on which may be more beneficial. I’m a soon to be grad so I don’t know much about working in industry.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

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