Sent in an application for an accelerator on a whim with just an idea, and now I’m pitching in a week.

(Long time lurker, first time poster) A couple weeks ago, I came up with an idea in the real estate/insurance market. Ending up applying to mainly pre-accelerators for mentorship and guidance, however, applied to some accelerators as well.

Got rejected from the pre-accelerators and went back to studying for finals. To my absolute surprise, an accelerator scheduled a pitch with me for a week from now.

Kicker is I have no real traction, other than an idea and a plan of action for operation. I was transparent and let them know where I was at but I still would like to put my best foot forward.

Other than perfecting my pitch what else should I do to ensure I put my best foot forward? I’m thinking I should start with email sign-up collection, Facebook ads, etc and see where that gets me in a weeks time?

Would love to hear any suggestions about what I should do or any resources that could help.

Thanks in advance!

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