Going Broke? Taking a Job To Continue On? Are you just straight up struggling with the resources to build your idea?

Been there, done that, many times.

Out of that came the question that this is, "why we end up with not enough time to build most ideas?"…

Well, that seemed like a really broken system sitting there next to my 3D printer with all those concepts written out and book strewn across the workbench. Something had to be done about this. So, Bluprnt was the response from a group of founders and quant freindo's. End result => Linux for collaboration protocol wrapped by an incubator.

Join or Copy us is the rallying cry.

With such a desperate need for global innovation, we took this from the perspective of people that went to the college of "no sh$ %s given". So, straight up come build within or go build a copy node. Some people are like What da fa!@? Others just get it and we are growing fast.

Ya, we know this is not natural. However, whoever built anything disruptive, demonetizing, or completely out of the world by doing it the normal way?

In no uncertain terms, you can now build your ideas by helping others and out of that put your contribution to work on what you believe in.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

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