I’m building a peer to peer mentoring platform and trying to validate my product. What do I do after Reddit?

Hi all,

The title explains my situation quite well.

To give you some perspective on my situation: I had a problem, found a solution, made designs, a landing page and demo, and started posting everywhere I could think of to get the word out there and find out if people are willing to sign up.

I got a very positive response from Reddit and IndieHackers, as well as lots of valuable feedback, but now I'm worried that when I exhaust those threads, my growth is gone. What's the next step?

I'm also trying out twitter but I haven't used it before and I honestly have no idea how to grow my follower base.

Do you have any ideas, inspiration or suggestions?
I appreciate all the help I can get! Thank you!

P.s. I'm not sure if the title provides too much product detail to sound as self-promotion, if so, I'll happily change it or repost with a different tile!

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