Ok am trying to get an app made… how avoid scams?

Am already targeting the niche with other services and products. I have around 16k subscribers. my products are seasonal fan based. so fans keep coming back/ purchasing when there is something new.

Now with covid I realized an app could serve my teen clients (the majority of my clients).

I know exactly what I want but I never done an app before. I publish it on upwork , got so far 35 proposals. however, when I ask for their samples the apps have maybe 9 downloads only, or seem abandoned with reviews from 2, 3 years ago. in other words all the apps everyone show me seem not completed or never got any traction. However they upwork profiles have record of 100k or millions of dollars made in projects.

So this has me confused. am not sure if they made a good app for their clients but the clients failed in the marketing or those great upwork profiles are faking all those income some how.

How can they make so much money and show me some crappy apps?

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