I’ve Got an App Idea – I just need someone to build it

I’ve got an App Idea – I just need someone to build it

If I had a dollar for all the calls, emails, Facebook messages that I received from startups and would-be entrepreneurs saying “I’ve got a fantastic idea for an app – I just need someone to build it”, then I would be the millionaire. Usually, the next thing to come out of the mouth of this naïve soul would be “It won’t take much just….” Insert here anything from a program that creates virtual sparkly unicorns that deliver your text messages to an app that takes a photo and 3D prints a mini Nintendo character with your face on it. Not to quash the dreams of the new crop of would-be startup entrepreneurs, but there is a whole lot more involved in building an app or software than first impressions suggest. Also, more often than not, it is significantly more expensive than it first appears.

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