Saturation and Reality Check

This is meant to be a supportive post and I hope it doesn't get banned because I have a few friends that frequent here on their lunch breaks (who don't know this is my account) and I think it needs to be said.

I actually don't have a startup. I did. Multiple. Some brought me side income and some failed. I get this place is meant to be supportive but I've just read over 50+ saturated market/ideas/startup idea posts and it's full of lies that I think you need to hear.

I have a comfy job. I'm an SE3 making well into the 6 digits. Not amazing but enough to make me not want to join startup land ever again. Recently, we have stagnated. GROWTH IS EVERYTHING to my CEO. I've just watched my team pick apart a small competitor limb from limb and suck every idea/innovation they had to keep their cushy jobs as well.

We also noticed that this app, if was done 10 years ago at the start of the smartphone era, would have completely destroyed us. Do you know what killed it? App/Platform fatigue. Nobody would sign up. We have kept an eye on them for months now and they have done everything to even at one point GIVE their service away for free to compete. They literally could not get people to download ANOTHER app.

It's admirable that you are all so supportive and confident but what I have just witnessed in the past few weeks shows me that the vast majority of you are not going to make it and it honestly breaks my heart. I wish we had competitors. I wish it was competitive. I coast on life and I only get excited for my weekends but if you think you can compete with places that I'm employed at, when we have just ripped off an entire platform in a week and managed to put it together in a few weeks, what hope do you think you have?

Please spare me the saturation equivalencies I've read in nearly every post. I'm on your side but the future is not bright at all.

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