Show traction when you can’t sell a damn thing because of regulations?

I’m CEO of a startup that makes cannabis vaporizers, the basic model being one where the temperature is adapted to each cannabis product and the more advanced model being AI-powered to personalize every aspect of the cannabis consumption (from shopping to dose control, and a lot more).

The thing is that because of heavy regulations, we can’t sell a damn thing to customers ourselves : we would have to go through the process of being approved for distribution by a big provincial chain (Canada) and we can’t do that just to show traction for our MVP. It would be easy if we could just sell a small quantity directly to people to prove that there is a demand but we can’t.

What would be the most effective way of showing traction to investors? We already have the word of experts (budtenders, mostly) who swear that it would be a huge hit but we know that it’s obviously not enough.

Also, we can’t run any ads… Canada is awesome, isn’t it? -_-

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