Selling an Accessory for a Well-known/Trademarked Branded Product

I hope all is well for everyone during these chaotic times.

Recently, I have been prototyping an accesory that mounts on a popular shoe. Now that I have settled on a comfortable design that has shown popularity, I want to look into selling this product. However, due to the nature of the product, I am nervous to take the next step due to legality issues. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice.

I do not have a patent for the product, and believe I do not need one because it is for pure entertainment with negligible utility. The product is, however, designed to be mounted on a specific product line of shoes.

How do I go about marketing the product? Can I use images of the product on the trademarked branded shoe?

I understand that the main idea is that consumers cannot be tricked into thinking my product is made by the company it is being used on.

Think of this as me making a shoelace for Adidas. Could I call my product/company 'Not An Adidas Shoelace' and provide pictures of the shoelace on Adidas shoes without infringement?

To be clear, my product is similar to the shoelace analogy, but is not explicitly that situation.

I know this is murky water, but I was wondering if anyone had advice.

Thank you!!!

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