If I wanted to create a web/app MVP, what front-end, back-end, server, etc. languages do I have to know? I want myself to build something in as less time as possible. Any courses/guidance are welcome

I have several ideas for different problems, and I want to build something to solve them. I am not sure what all things will be necessary to build a working prototype/MVP. I am a machine learning engineer, having a background in python, know some intermediate level HTML, CSS, and have some knowledge of MongoDB and have worked with JAVA for backend development in a startup for about 3 months. I have done some competitive coding in CPP. I think I know bits of a few things, but then I am not sure how to combine everything or learn what things to build an MVP. ( Apps/ Websites) . For an enthusiastic entrepreneur, what all skills/ courses would you recommend to build solution MVPs/ prototype.

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