HELP! Should I be paying for backend development for web platform?

I am an ESL educator whose business of offering test prep classes has been severely affected by the current pandemic. I’ve been wanting to build a digital test prep platform for years and figure now is the time to make the jump but am completely out of my depth when it comes to what is the norm for this type of work.

I met a web developer I like and that I gel with. We both agree that if all goes well then the idea is to continue to work together in the long term. For this same reasons, he is offering to cut costs by not charging for the backend development. Saving money sounds great to me but I’m not even 100% sure what this means.

Also, if things were to go south at any point in the development my understanding is that I’d be walking away with all of the front end and CMS development but NOT the backend, since it’s his. Is this normal? Is it a big risk to have to part ways without a backend were it to come to that?


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