Marketing to a niche vs wider group

My startup is going into pre-launch in September, but I am still undecided on how to approach our marketing:

It's an exercise product that was initially designed for children with disabilities. However, the product can also be used by children without disabilities, with a similar effect.

Would you say its better to:

  1. Market the product towards the niche, and then expand outwards once it is successful in this niche
  2. Market the product towards children in general, with specific ads targeted to the disability groups?

There are pro's and con's to both. The niche could provide a stigma/label behind the product, resulting in the larger pool not wanting to buy it. However the same niche could provide a strong community for the product and business, helping it to grow.

The larger pool of children could provide more sales, however it may also be diluted in a crowded market.

Thanks for help in advance!

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