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So I am building a Minecraft server, and I know maybe it seems a bit weird to setup a PLC via companieshouse for this. However, some of these servers make ridiculous amounts of money. And I have put in a lot of work, e.g. writing code for my own custom plugins etc. So while I am not expecting to make a huge amount of money from this (via donations), it is at least a possibility.

As such, I wanted to set it up properly and legally. Also as a learning tool since I'm 19. So anyway, I have setup a limited company. What I would like advice on is just… what do I do now?

I have applied for a Starling business bank account, which I believe I can link with QuickBooks/Xero/FreeAgent in order to submit whatever I need to submit to the government. To be honest with you, I have no idea what I need to submit or when. I'm not sure if it's worth paying for these for a small business like mine, or if I should just fill it in myself.

Additionally, since my Starling account has not been approved yet, I have paid for some things with my personal bank account such as web hosting. What should I do about that?

Also, are there any procedures I need to follow for moving money into / out of the business bank account (from/to my personal account).

Sorry, I know these are super basic questions but I am just very confused.


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