When do I transition from my MVP?

Hey Everyone,

So I've been running a prototype for a mental health service in my part of the world for roughly 10 weeks now. Everything is manual. I have a chat window that people go to when they hit the landing page, I man the chat window, take it on to whatsapp or email and deal with scheduling this way.

My user engagement/feedback sessions also happens over peer support that I offer over video call as well as texting to check in.

This has been fairly successful – I've got ~15 paying users of which 50% have now recurred (and I expect this will go up as the others have expressed interest in continuing, they just haven't gotten to the point where they need to pay up again), with revenue for the month touching a thousand dollars.


At what point do I start building out actual features? Right now there's *nothing*, no login, no sign up, no automated reminders – I'm doing it all manually. I'm a fairly good engineer and I can build it all, but my apprehension has been around cost.

Do I have enough signal to start building? Or do I need to wait to get more users?

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