Self-Replicating Factory Startup Seeking Advice.

A few days ago I realized how I could go about creating a self-replicating factory. This could be started with the typical sort of investment given by Ycombinator as their standard offer.

I just left it at the back of my mind because I didn't think any investor would touch such a long term vision. Not that I expect progress to be slow – I will crush those milestones- but that there is no plan for making money off of it up front.

So anyways, I just decided a few hours to post it online. I used Angel' as it seems to be the number one platform for investment funding.

The thing is, I know that no one will see it. You gotta market and market hard to have a chance. I can do the engineering, but I can't market or display anything.

In top of that, you need to basically already have a network in order to reach people. I'm SOL here, with basically no network or support group of any kind.

So basically I'm asking for help, feedback or any sort of general discussion. Do you think this could have a chance at getting funded? How could I contact people? Anything else?

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