I want to open a petstore in my town

I would like to start a petstore in my town and I need some pointers, my budget will be around 8 thousand dollars. There are many businesses that are flourishing in the town I live in and I think a petstore is very marketable due to the fact that the nearest one is over 100 miles away. Is a petstore a good choice? Or is there something that would pop off better? Let me know. Anyways I'll take any advice I can get anything helps, this is more of an idea but I'm sure I can make it happen with a ton of dedication and preparation. I'll need to know stuff like good marketing strategies for a petstore what times I should be open, what precautions to take and what I should expect. Even if you have financial advice like how much I should spend to open it up and how I can profit more. You should also note that I'm 17 years old and have a job that pays 15 dollars an hour so I'm working with the best I got, I'm still living with my parents so I have a ton of freedom to save and not pay bills so ide like to take this to my advantage and start making some serious money or better yet a steady income.

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