I built a Startup while on lock down.

Well not really a startup more like an MVP.

So while i was working from home, i had a need to transfer large files, 2GB+ to colleagues and clients. Email attachment's have a limit and other services require some sort of troublesome sign up.

So i decided to build a tool that can transfer up to 50gb of files super easy, super fast, and super secure -> tempdrive.io

Now this is not my first time starting up, and i know how difficult it is to monetize free services like these.

Dropbox, Megaupload had to reach enormous scale before they started to see a return.

I wonder if its possible to monetize a free service like this with out that scale .

Im thinking of more out the box, growth hacky ideas, like maybe using Pateron, selling merch or maybe even an honour system to fund the service? Any thoughts?

*Edit: Thanks for the encouragement! Really appreciate it, i'm looking for crazy growth hackers that are not afraid to f**k up, PM with your ideas!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

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