[Serious/Rant] At a loss on how to grow startup with no resource

Hi everyone,

Currently I'm on the verge of just giving up and morale is at an all time low. I've been going at it with my startup for almost 3 years now and have reached a wall. I've put in my heart, soul and effort and I've gone from angry to depressed to just giving up. My startup is building software and literally everything except the actual programming/UI etc is done; things that require actual funding to continue. I have:

  • Extensive market tested research completed
  • "Prototype" built showing software capabilities/idea
  • Design document completed (around 35, 000 words dot the "i" in accuracy)
  • Put in over 50K USD

I've approached at least 80 investors at this point and none are willing to even look at what I'm trying to do because its not "AI", or "Blockchain" or "Fin-tech". They all ask me the same infuriating bullshit about if I have a physical office (hilarious during these times since everyone is working remote), or if my software is launched already. If it was launched I don't even need them anymore!! This loops back to the whole purpose of getting the investment; to get resource so I can do what they are asking for. Its a really stupid chicken-or-egg situation I am in since I cannot progress any further without resource and cannot get funding without progress!!

So obviously the next course of action is to try and recruit. Other similar industrys like the mobile app or whatever everyone knows, NO ONE IS GOING TO WORK FOR FREE IF THERES HIGH DEMAND FOR THEM. I've literally read and received first hand from programmers/high demand individuals that boils down to "Why work on your dream for nothing when I can build my dream". Yes I offered shares, yes I tried recruiting saying that they will not just be building for me but they can add any of their ideas, but all I ever get is no. I managed to recruit people in every department, EXCEPT the "labor" roles, so again no progress can be made on the actual software.

The only thing keeping me going is I know deep down this software will be successful, because as of now there are no competitors, and a high market demand. And its not just my delusion, I've tested my prototype with complete strangers (that fall into my consumer base) I've met at events and 8/10 said it was amazing, and my business plan is strong since there are no competitors. Stuff like this fuels me for a while but then I get shot down over and over because I'm not building some god damn blockchain-fintech-AI. Yet everyday I follow events and theres more and more startups with teams with their software/app being announced; I don't know how they managed to get a team together or received funding. What do I do? What am I doing wrong?

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