Putting app idea/design on portfolio vs working on it in stealth?

I'm a product designer and recently started looking for a new job. I'd been working on an app idea on the side and already got pretty far with the whole design and have a prototype. A developer friend also wanted to partner with me and we've started building the actual product.

I was originally just going to put it as one of my projects on my portfolio while I job hunt. I have a couple other work projects, but none of them compare in the level of enthusiasm and passion I have for this one, so it would be a strong case study to use in interviews.

However, my developer friend mentioned he was concerned if I made the design public, that makes it pretty easy for anyone to steal since they would not only have the idea but also basically the design blueprints that I showcase in my portfolio. I've never ventured into actually building/launching my own mobile app and wanted to see if anyone has experience with this and advice on the best path forward –

  1. Just put it on my portfolio and continue with job hunt as well as building it, and deal with it later if someone else tries stealing/developing the designs (is the risk high or low?)
  2. Leave the app off my portfolio since it's something that's being actively developed, and create some new project ideas for my portfolio instead
  3. If I'm going to be getting the app developed, commit to that fully instead of job hunting
  4. Password protect the portfolio (though the general consensus I've heard is passwords are annoying to recruiters/hiring managers)
  5. Some other option?

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