Is it a dumb idea to send your pitch decks to devs over the internet?

Asking for a friend. (Not really).

So I'm a non (semi) technical founder, realised it'd take me a long time to find a technical co founder so started to hack together the MVP myself. I've recently joined a tech network where I am, intro'd myself as someone who's open to conversations with people wanting to found something. Someone reached out to me and now, naturally, I'm scared – haha.

Anyway, he says he'd be interested in seeing a deck. I have a deck that I spent a long time on. Should I just send it to him and ask if he wants to have a zoom call? Should I ask to have a zoom call and screen share the deck, presenting it to him? What is the etiquette here? Asked the question because I will probably have to do this a lot!

Thanks for bearing with my rookie question

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