How does an 18 year old with no professional experience learn to be a technical lead in charge of a team?

Quick context before we begin. Startup is around 8-9 months old, with us soft launching about a month ago. Pre-seed round of £50k is secured and we're currently applying for a 6 figure government grant with the assistance of one of our mentors who helps companies apply for grants for a living. We're in the grocery delivery sector and are trying to modernise the ethnic food market which is generally underserved and underexposed to the British public

There's three of us, I'm the technical founder, and we're looking to make our first hire. I'm freshly dropping out of university this year to pursue this full-time and I, ultimately, have no idea what I'm doing. In the immediate I need to start conducting interviews and assessing candidates. I need to help project-manage our commissioning of a native mobile app from an agency we're paying on the back of our pre-seed round. I need to, in the long run, learn the skills needed to manage people.

The problem is that I tend to be the "silently plink away in my office" type of developer and am really not great with people at all. Humans are fleshy and enigmatic while code is consistent and documented. What steps should I be taking to learn management skills to complement my existing development skills? I'm buried under about 1000 responsibilities that someone with my dire lack of inexperience is in no position to make a credible attempt at and need advice. Everything is carnage. Send help.

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