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Struggling to delegate the email customer services of my business.

I've set up a few businesses, and I'm lucky that some have been quite successful, however I really struggle with customer services and creating a bottleneck before people purchase – in that they deal with me via email. I guess I always want things to be 'just right' so want to double check things before anything gets signed off, but due to this I have a lot less time to grow the business and work on more important things such as marketing.

I'm really looking for some advice on how you guys have dealt with delegating this part of your business – especially in an economical way. The most recent business I set up during lockdown and made a profit of just £1000 last month, so I don't feel like I have money to burn with this, especially not taking on a full time employee – but I wondered what other options I had, and how best to utilise them.

The business is selling online group tuition on zoom, but it's complicated by the fact that customers have to be put in the right level groups, and also have different times they are available, and the teachers have different times they are available too, so I spend nearly all my time on the business trying to fit everything together, and I'd love to be able to delegate this.

Hope that makes sense!

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