This female-founded Amsterdam-based tech startup secured €500K at Dragons’ Den

The news is just in that Monique Janke and Nelli Jeloudar, founders of a curated shopping platform for kidswear, appeared in the latest episode of Dutch Dragons’ Den on Sunday, April 26th. And they walked away with €500.000 from the well-known entrepreneur and investor, Pieter Schoen.

Initially, the founders expected €100K in exchange for 4% stake in their company but secured €500k for 50% stake. The two female entrepreneurs from Germany and Denmark who founded their business in The Netherlands pitched their two-year-old Amsterdam startup.

The investment will be used on the IT development and marketing of the startup. The high valuation raised eyebrows but was justified with the market potential, achieved revenue, and future projections. The acquisition of 50% stake by Pieter Schoen in Bundleboon will leave a major impact on the growth of their startup.

“He is known for his ability to put founders first, believing in their stories and helping them shine while allowing them to take the necessary risks to grow their businesses. Although there was a small hesitation in taking his offer, we also knew the great impact his expertise would have on our company and us as founders”, said Nelli, co-founder of Bundleboon.

Though it has been confirmed, the investment is on hold right now as there is a lockdown in the Netherlands to curb the spread of COVID-19. Nelli commented, “It is, of course, extremely unfortunate. We were excited about having Pieter onboard, but we are confident that there is room to continue the negotiations in the future. However, it didn’t slow us down in any way. My co-founder Monique and I had to be agile and try to find other ways to fund our growth while making sure that the operations continued with full speed.”

Dutch startup Bundleboon is a unique customer experience tailored to suit the needs of the new generation of parents. This startup offers parents a collection of exclusive brands and personalised outfits that are uniquely styled for their children. Instead of facing the hassle of waiting in front of fitting rooms and trying piles of outfits, you can open a unique box of great outfits from global brands for an unforgettable experience.

Founded by Monique Janke and Nelli Jeloudar in 2018 in Amsterdam, both the female entrepreneurs behind Bundleboon are from the biggest e-commerce and curated shopping platforms in Europe. They met at Startup Weekend in 2017 and used their combined knowledge to establish an innovative concept with their combination of convenience, data, and unique customer experience.

What’s next for Bundleboon?

While the lockdown has postponted some major projects and new market entries, Bundleboon wants to focus on becoming profitable in their current market. The company is bullish that the COVID-19 outbreak will not weaken their business model. They are focused towards providing an unique shopping experience to both parents and kids.

Main image picture credits: Bundleboon

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