How to make sure your startup doesn’t fail from co-founder misfit

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7 months ago, I started a company with my co-founder, who I only met 3 months prior. Fast forward to now and we've raised funding and have hired a small team, but I wanted to share the method and framework that we used to assess whether or not working together was a good idea.

To evaluate co-founder fit, you have to answer four key questions:

  1. Are you aligned in your goals, mission, and values? It’s important to get a deep understanding of what drives each other, and if you’re guided by similar values in the workplace.
  2. Are your working styles compatible? You don’t have to be clones in the way you work, but this section is meant to realistically assess if both your working styles are compatible, and what you might need to adjust to get there.
  3. Do you have complementary skill sets? It’s important to understand each other’s natural competencies and work experience thus far. The goal is to find someone else with a complementary skill set and interests (e.g. branding, growth, product, design, engineering, data etc.) Some of these may be different depending on what space your startup is in.
  4. How would you behave in certain scenarios? The startup journey is long and hard, and along the way you’ll be faced with many difficult macro and micro decisions. Talking through how you would react in some of these scenarios, like what you would do if your vision diverges midway, is meant to help you suss out how each person would behave.

If you found this helpful, I created a template on notion (completely free & no strings attached) that you can duplicate and use for yourself here. I hope this was helpful, feel free to ask me any questions!

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