Has anyone transitioned to a 6am wake up and seen positive changes?

Since quarantine, I've been getting up at my usual 7am and working on my startup until 9am when I start work for my full time job (my startup is currently a side project). The one problem is that I have a flatmate who has started to get up early too, turn the TV on and generally distract, which is annoying but I can't really ask him not to since we're 50/50 on the house.

I've decided to look into the benefits of getting up pretty early, around 6am, to work until 8.30ish. I've heard lots of great things about it but not actually done it.

Has anyone transitioned to a 6am wakeup and seen positive changes? I figure quarantine is the perfect time to trial it, especially since I've given myself a month to complete my MVP.


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