Wednesday Social Club – Share What Events You Are Attending This Coming Week

Welcome to this week’s Social Club thread.

Share what events and meetups you are going to so we can discover new ways to be social together offline and help grow your local community.

Focus on sharing events that are happening within the next 7 days of this date of this submission. Anything that falls outside of 10 days will be removed, no exceptions.

No duplicate posts. If you happen to be attending an event that is already posted, leave a comment to inform the community that you will also be there.

If you are hoping to organize something on your own, outside of an existing event, feel free to use this thread to rally some people together to meet up.

Please use the following format to share an event:

Event Name and URL: Location: Event Date: Event Time: Event Description: Event Cost: Discount Code: [if applicable]

Please use the following format to organize people to meet up together:

Location: Purpose of getting together: Suggested Places to meet up:

You can also find more support using instant chat on the /r/startups discord.

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