Validating a business idea when certain channels may not target the correct audience

What are some ways you validated your idea when you thought the correct market was difficult to reach?

I’ve been trying to validate my business idea which is a tool for investors to use to manage their risk more effectively, but I’m having some issues with making sure I’m targeting the right sample of the population.

I thought about making a survey but I can’t see my target audience filling out paid surveys for 2 bucks when they would be investing large amounts of money, and trying to get people to fill it out on r/SampleSize or asking mods on subreddits has been a bust.

So what I am doing is trying to SEO optimize my landing page to try and get organic traffic to register their interest on the product release, also try to reach out to bloggers to get some interest going.

On top of this, I have spoken to connections in the industry, and feedback has been good but since I will be releasing a product that has a large and varied user base I would like to get more general feedback from the masses.

Any pointers would be great, even if it doesn’t apply to my post it would be cool to hear different ways in validating your assumptions for other users on this sub.

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