SaaS Team Numbers for a 100 Person Company – looking for opinions.

Building a P&L estimate for a startup and project out to year 5. We all know that even the next 5 minutes are hard to predict – but looking for some best guesses, or experienced estimates, on what the crew composition for a 46M revenue company would be in year 5. I'm basing the 100 person tally on the 1/2M per person rule of thumb.

Nature of the company. Distributed workforce. Fintech. SaaS subscription model with marketing channels being conferences/tradeshows, direct demos, and the regular digital channels. Product has a bit of a learning curve – so we expect some level of Customer Success Team requirements. Estimating 35,000 customers. Desktop and mobile with some enterprise, on-prem/white label type integrations required.

In my estimates I am sitting at the 81so far (but feel like I am either missing some roles or under-estimating what will truly be required):

Development/Engineering: 42 people including 6 people in Product and Project management (6:1 ratio)

Sales: 20 people including 4 mangers (that will still do some selling) (4:1 ratio – although this seems low as I type it)

Office – 15 people including HR, Accounting, 6 people in Customer Success

Executive Level – 4 people, The regular spate of c-series type roles.

I realize there is a tons of "it depends" but looking for any thoughts on where this estimate lands and what feels glaringly off (and yes, I expect some people to say the $ 46M expectation is the biggest one!)

Thanks in advance!

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