Resilience. College dropout at home filled with distractions and negativity

I dropped out of college this past semester to pursue a startup in aerospace. I've been at home and bc of the virus everyones at home. Im in a family of 8.

Anyways I find that every conversation I am having and have had with each person especially my parents and grandparents revolves around me finishing college and becoming a specialized medical doctor. They bring it up in every conversation. 10+ times a day. I stand my ground but they learn and change their approaches in their subtle manipulations. I feel like my insecurities are being used against me. There is no privacy or rest and I am constantly in fight of flight mode. Even in my little corners they find me to have another conversation about this or that medical school or to ask me if I've signed up for the Mcat yet, how most startups fail and that I'm no exception. I'm here building rockets and they see no value. They see a homeless bum. No joke.

Im beginning to wonder if they are right.(this is the key issue. In life I will be faced with naysayers and haters. How do I drown out the noise and more so develop an unwavering confidence in myself?)

Im the outlier in the family dynamic and my survival psychology is begging me to conform.

How do I maintain my composure and focus on my projects? How do I stay resilient without driving myself crazy? Any advice? Thanks!

Ps My family is great we just don't see eye to eye. They say what they say out of love and worry. It's an unfamiliar time in an unfamiliar world and the medical profession provides the most stability(lol damn now I'm quoting them)

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