Have we gotten bad lawyers?

My cofounder and I are creating a hedge fund, or maybe I should say we are trying to create a hedge fund. I'm saying this because we still have no legal entities to start doing any sort of business after 2 months. We've been dealing with "smaller" lawyers because we thought they'd give us more "attention" than big shots. We're 2 months in trying to set up legal entities and so far we still have nothing.

  • My co-founder and I are creating a hedge fund, or maybe I should say we are ourselves. The information is not vulgarized at all and it is quite frustrating.
  • Asking for clarification, it sounds as if they are repeating the same thing, without trying to simplify their law jargon.
  • When asking for quotes and step by step plans, the information is scattered all over, and we are the ones who end up trying to put up excel spreadsheets with clear cost breakdown based on the info they've disseminated across our email/phone conversations.
  • It feels like we are getting closer to finally start setting things up, however, a lot of the services we need will have to be delegated to other lawyers or legal representatives in other jurisdictions, which makes me question why this is taking so long.
  • While it feels like we are getting closer, we still have a ton of questions, for which we asked to set up a phone call on Friday. Since we still had no answer on Monday evening, we sent a follow up asking for their availability in the following days. Still no answer to this day.
  • My co-founder and I are creating a hedge fund, or maybe I should say we are right lawyers on our side could make or break our journey.

Given this info, I was wondering if some people here could give us some advice.

First of all, is this interaction normal or are we right to expect "more" than what we are currently getting?

We got these lawyers because they used to be part of a firm my co-founder had interacted with before, and that's about it. I'm a tech guy with no real experience in the legal/business world, so I don't even know where to start looking for other lawyers, and I'd welcome any advice here :).

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