Danish HR tech startup Platypus founded by ex-Revolut secures €2.3M, aims to redefine future of work

During the global pandemic, remote work is trending all over the world. And, businesses are challenged to address the requirements and expectations of their employees as they work from home. There are issues such as reduced communication flow, limited management support, and lack of social belonging that can have a major impact on both the company culture and the way employees experience remote work.

Most HR tech solutions focus on individual performance and engagement scores to cope with the problem. This is where Platypus is unique as it measures, analyses, and tracks the alignment of an individual’s values with the values and culture of an organisation. It helps transform the company culture from a top-down, static mission statement into measurable and adaptable data of what employees value in a company.

Secures €2.3M funding

The Danish HR tech startup just announced that it has secured $ 2.5 million (nearly €2.3 million) from social impact fund Mustard Seed MAZE, Nordic tech fund Inventure, Danish state’s investment fund Vaekstfonden and others. This funding will be used to accelerate early-stage growth and customer traction.

“The average cost of staff turnover is $ 50k per employee, and as high as 200% of the base salary for highly-skilled roles. This presents a major problem for many companies in today’s market, especially as they are transitioning to more flextime and remote work options,” explained Platypus’s CEO Nico Blier-Silvestri, who brings over 15 years of experience managing HR functions in successful companies like Revolut, Unity Technologies, Trustpilot and Peakon.

“The future of work, whether remote or not, is all about finding smart ways to cope with retention issues. Close to 90% of the early-leavers—that is, people who leave their employer within the first 18 months on the job—do so because of the cultural misalignment, and we know for a fact that a technology like Platypus can be game-changing for businesses for years to come.”

Redefines future of work!

Copenhagen-headquartered Platypus was founded by Nico Blier-Silvestri (Former CPO at Revolut) and Daniel Bowen in 2019. Its solution helps minimise staff turnover due to cultural misalignment. Platypus enables teams and individuals to achieve those outcomes, combating symptoms of cultural misalignment such as depression and anxiety. The founding team comes with a solid industry background in HR, giving them a clear advantage and differentiated approach in this vertical.

Already, the company is working with multiple customers across several markets including Denmark, Latvia, Singapore, Sweden, the UK and the US. It intends to establish an optimal person-organisation alignment, and thus minimise their retention costs.

Main image picture credits: Platypus

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